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As you know, the international medical tourism is patient care organization outside their country of residence. In the last decade, this type of activity has been developing very actively, now a days hundreds of companies are offering to under go treatment and make yourself healthier in the best medical centers and resorts of the world. The range of services is expanding every day.

When we have to find the right doctor, who defines the correct diagnosis, to choose between the dental prosthesis in Hungary and in neighboring Ukraine or combined treatment with the rest activities, the main source of information for us is the Internet filled with offers. Maybe this is why you have appeared on this web-portal.

Focus on the needs of users, the Global Agency “INTMEDTOURISM” a part of VERDYS Group International (London, UK) is the most simple and accessible way of presenting information – information and advertising web-portal for medical tourism (hereinafter – Portal)

This project is aimed not only at those who are looking for the possibility to find the best offers of medical and health services, but also at providers of these concrete services, as well as their partners and representatives, who can provide additional types of services (accommodation, maintenance, catering, etc.). 

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