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Car Rental Abroad
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Car Rental Abroad

Car rental abroad is one of the most optimal and convenient solutions for the issue of moving across the country. You can rent a car right after your arrival — at the airport, railway station, or in the office of a car rental company. By the way, with a car rental company, you can reserve a car in advance online and be assured that you will get right in time that very car which you need. Whichever variant you choose, it is better to use the services of the reputable car rental companies known world-wide — Hertz, Avis, Budget, Eurocar, AutoJardim, FacilCar, Irebent, Mundirent. Their representative offices operate all over the world and guarantee quality and fast service. Most often, a car can be rented at the day of arrival, but in some countries, e.g. Spain and France, it is better to reserve a car 3-4 days in advance despite the huge number of car rental firms.

The cost of car rental within one country’s territory may vary greatly and reach USD 200 per day. It all depends on a car brand and the company offering the service. In average, car rental costs about USD 20-40 per day, and the longer the rental term, the lower the price per day. Interestingly, in some European countries such as Portugal, the UK, and Greece the prices for car rental depend on the season and tourist inflow. Additional expenses also include petrol, medical insurance, local taxes, mileage, and even entrance to the private motor roads, highroads, and paid zones.

Car rental procedure is customer-friendly. You will need the following documents:

1. Passport for travels abroad is the first document you will be asked to provide at the car rental company (be warned, it should never be left as a security deposit).

2. International driver’s license and/or driver’s licence of the resident country.

As a rule, you will need an international driver’s licence for executing a car rental agreement abroad. In Bulgaria, drivers without an international driver’s licence are fined, and car rental companies not always warn their clients about possible problems. In Malta and Vietnam, both international and your resident country driver’s licence are accepted. If you only have a national driver’s licence and decide to rent a car in Malta, this document should be approved at the Floriana Police Station. After coming to Vietnam, you will have to pass a simple exam, after which local traffic police authorities will give you a mark.

There are some age limitations as well. For example, in order to rent a car in Portugal, the client should be not under 22, in Bulgaria — older than 21, in Greece and Cyprus — not under 25, and in the UK, the car is provided to tourists starting from 19 to 24 years of age (depending on the company). Talking about the age limit allowed, in most countries it is 60-70 years old (Greece, Cyprus, Malaysia). Driving experience is also taken into consideration. It may be starting from 1 year to 3 years.

When executing an agreement, a car rental company asks a client to make a security payment or give his credit card information, so that a particular amount will be frozen till the car is returned.

Before signing an agreement, pay attention to all possible payments which are usually spelled out in very small letters and check the technical state of the car. If the car is damaged or scratched, it should be mentioned in the agreement. Otherwise you will have to reimburse the company for damage at returning the car. Insurance conditions constitute a separate paragraph of the agreement. It is essential to pay attention to which particular type of insurance policy is provided. In most countries, minimal insurance policy is provided, meaning that major car damage or accident will be covered from the client’s personal funds.

There is another crucial issue. Before renting a car abroad, study traffic rules, local style and manner of driving, amount of fines, road signs, etc. For example, there is left-hand traffic in India, Japan, Antigua and Barbuda, the UK, and many other countries. In Germany there is an abundance of unusual road signs of clarifying nature. And when renting a car in the UK, you will have to fit a set of so called head lamp beam converters on the head lamps of your car.

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