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In case you choose to travel abroad for health check-up, treatment, or recovery, make sure to arrange the lodging for your entire stay well in advance. First, accommodation will be needed for outpatient treatment and recovery if you are not planning to stay at the health resort facilities. You have an option of taking care of the booking part on your own or use services of a specialized medical tourism facilitator. In the latter case, the agency representatives will help you pick and book a hotel room or an apartment located within a walking distance from the medical centre. Sometimes the issue appears to be relevant for the accompanying persons as well.

Normally, medical tourism facilitators select a number of alternatives for the client during his/her stay abroad for the entire period of treatment, recovery, or check-up:

  • accommodation at a standard hotel of any class not far from the medical centre or health resort;
  • on-site hotel accommodation at the medical centre or health resort;
  •  in-patient ward at the medical centre including the attendants (a number of clinics offer special wards with separate rooms designed for relatives and accompanying persons of the patient);
  • apartment or villa rental (most frequently for patients after plastic surgeries or during recovery).

The cost of lodging depends on the hotel class, ward facilities as well as the period of stay.

If you made up your mind to undergo a complex diagnostic check-up and need neither all-day care nor long-term stay in the clinic, then you may settle down at the hotel located next to it or at the on-site inn. In case you arrive for a surgery, lengthy treatment, or recovery course, it would be most practical to stay right at the medical or recovery centre.

Modern clinics and centres arrange their wards so that their patients not only benefit from a thorough supervision of physicians and paramedical staff, but also feel comfortable and cosy like home. That is why wards in many private hospitals of Turkey and Singapore in particular bear the resemblance to luxury hotel rooms including a wide range of everything from medical equipment for monitoring indicators of vital functions in the patient’s body, comfortable furniture, shower, bathroom, TV, telephone, and Internet to other amenities by the patient’s choice. Moreover, the wards are designed to host both the patient undergoing treatment course and the attendant. They typically consist of two rooms and never give way to luxury suits.

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