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Addiction treatment
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Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a persistent, compulsive dependence experienced by a person and urging him/her to a particular behaviour. Medical professionals consider the cause of addiction lies in mental and physical disorders. All slips and relapses back to the object of dependence happen exclusively out of psychological reasons.

Addiction treatment constitutes a separate sector of health care in most countries. The most reputable medical centres of this profile are located in the USA, Germany, the UK, Russia and the countries of East Asia. In the USA there are over fourteen thousand rehabilitation centres. Many of them are small private clinics, in particular, for VIP patients. 

Most medical centres offer a broad range of rehabilitation and treatment programmes for overseas patients varying from simple interviews with psychologist to long-term medicament courses at specialised resorts applying state-of-the-art medicines.

It is commonly known, that there are substance and non-substance addictions. The most widespread types of addictions include: alcohol, drug, game/gambling addiction, smoking. 

Smoking, drug addiction and alcoholism relate to substance addictions and may be treated in two ways:

  • Psychological – which may include psychological therapy of a patient followed by removal of the drives borne in the human subconscious which prompt a person to take the path of alcoholism, and also hypnosis.
  • Medicament – the method when a patient undergoes a medicament course of treatment. The medicines taken gradually free the organism of the effects of consumed drug substances.

In addition, each of these methods is enhanced by a complex of recovery procedures and rehabilitation programmes. Generally, any treatment process appears as follows:

1. Detoxification of the organism. Its purpose is that the break in drug or alcohol consumption by the organism would go without negative consequences.

2. Intensive outpatient treatment usually includes the aid of a psychiatrist and psychotherapist with the control over the overall condition of a patient’s organism.

3. Day patient facility. Short-term stay of a patient in a ward during the day under the supervision of medical specialists.

4. Inpatient treatment. Applied in cases demanding constant supervision from the side of the drug rehabilitation centre staff.

5. Further rehabilitation and resocialisation of a patient, including activation and/or support therapy.

Game/gambling addiction and other addiction types are usually considered to be of psychological nature and are not substance addictions. In such cases the problem is often hidden inside a patient, in his/her subconscious. Psychological therapy is applied to get free of such type of addiction. This may be either group or individual therapy. In both cases the major task lies in detecting the psychological cause of a patient’s addiction. It leads to problem awareness, and only after this patient recovery becomes possible.

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