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Advantages of Checkup Abroad
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Advantages of Checkup Abroad

Modern medicine is largely focused on timely detection and prevention of illnesses, along with their treatment. Accurate and timely diagnosis makes it possible to prevent the development of most illnesses. This is the reason why the World Health Organization (WHO) considers regular checkup programmes, both comprehensive and specialised, the most effective method of human health protection.

Health checkup has long become one of the most popular services in medical tourism. Tens of thousands people travel abroad annually to undergo a thorough checkup of the whole organism or particular organs and systems. Therefore, many medical establishments providing services to foreign patients, primarily in Western Europe, as well as the USA, Israel, and Turkey, have made diagnostics one of the priority directions of their medical practice.

In order to facilitate high-quality and speedy health checkups, medical establishments are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and use the most advanced technologies. Some types of equipment may not even be available in the patient’s country of permanent residence.

Executive health checkup programmes for foreign patients are usually arranged in such a way as to lessen the time of patient’s presence in a given medical establishment, with examination and test results obtained in the shortest time possible. The patient may receive his or her check-up results within a few days and get consultation from a diagnostician or appropriate medical specialist without delay.

Specifically for overseas patients, a number of various examination programmes have been developed, each with its own advantages and pricing. After a comprehensive (general) examination, patients are offered an opportunity to continue diagnostics within the scope of a supplementary programme, or to focus upon a particular organ.  For instance, the programme of specialised oncological checkups in the clinics of Western Europe most often includes:

  • GP’s consultation and examination
  • a set of laboratory analyses (blood and urine tests)
  • oncomarkers
  • ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity
  • colonoscopy
  • gastroscopy
  • follow-up consultation with a diagnostician, discussion of examination results, provision of recommendations and compilation of a medical report

The programme  takes 3 to 5 days and costs a few thousand Euros (2 to 4.5 thousand). This may seem expensive to some, but in diagnostics being penny-wise equals being pound-foolish, as treatment and rehabilitation following onset of illness cost a patient considerably more.

Health checkup away from work and household enables patients to change the environment and concentrate exclusively on their own health. Diagnostic procedures are carried out in a stress-free setting, with strict observance of protocols and physicians’ recommendations. During examination, the medical establishments provide, along with personalised medical service, comfortable accommodation and due care.

Physicians advise patients in the risk group (those working under stressful and harmful conditions, living in an unfavourable climate, having hereditary illnesses, or patients who have experienced oncological and other illnesses, surgical procedures, etc.), as well as those aged 40 and over, to undergo health checkups no less frequently than once a year.

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