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Advantages of Treatment Abroad
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Advantages of Treatment Abroad

Speaking of the advantages of treatment abroad it is crucial to understand the type of such treatment and who selects it. It stands to reason, that for the potential patients from Western Europe, Israel or the USA, who are accustomed to high medical standards in their homelands, the price and speed of access to the medical services they require will be a priority. At the same time, of utmost importance to the citizens of the Middle Eastern, Asian or CIS countries is access to the most efficient modern treatment methods, cutting edge medical equipment and medications. As an additional draw, most of overseas patients will point out confidentiality and attractive services, which are not accessible for them in the country of their permanent residence. Prestige should be noted as well, as it is especially important for particular categories of patients.

Every year, the global market of medical services offers still greater number of new possibilities. In the sphere of medical tourism thousands of medical establishments are employed, striving to facilitate individual approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of each patient coming to visit them.

As of today, a potential patient has the possibility of choosing from a wide range of medical establishments abroad: these are not only private clinics, but also the largest state or university medical centres. While private clinics are renowned for comfort and service, state and university medical centres can offer cutting edge medical technologies and state-of-the-art equipment and employ leading medical specialists in their area of medical science.

Time factor is always taken into account during the arrangement of treatment travel. The overseas patient does not wait for a scheduled surgery for months; he\she personally determines the time to undergo it (with regard to the state of health, physician’s recommendations, and some other factors).

It should also be considered that particular types and methods of treatment may be prohibited or considerably restricted in the country of the potential patient’s residence. Such restrictions may be related to the patient’s age, religious beliefs, as well as moral standards of the community. The examples include infertility treatment using particular methods of assisted reproductive technologies (IVF with surrogacy, egg donation, etc.), sex reassignment surgeries, induced termination of pregnancy, transplantation of organs and tissues, treatment with the use of stem cells. In some Eastern countries even plastic surgeries are absolutely unacceptable.

Of high significance for many patients is highly qualified medical care, especially after surgeries, chemical or radio-therapy, and it is not always accessible in one’s homeland. Sometimes such care should go together with the specific climatic conditions. It is the climate that may often be one of the major criteria for choosing the destination of treatment.

Special conditions may be needed during the rehabilitation and life quality improvement of the patients suffering from the diseases, which are not fully curable.

Oftentimes during treatment an important factor is considerable restriction of the patient’s connections to the outside world or to undesirable people, for example, during drug-addiction treatment. In such and similar cases, securing extra confidentiality for the patient may be needed.

Many more advantages of treatment abroad may be found, however, the main task of the providers dealing with medical tourism is to really provide them and to shield the patient from all the negative factors, which he/she may counter when looking for such advantages.

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