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Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology
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Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology

Aesthetic medicine is a field of health and beauty industry aimed at correction of human appearance applying medical technologies. Aesthetic medicine implements achievements and developments of chiropody (treatment and care of nails and skin on the feet), trichology (the science of hair treatment), ophthalmology (the science of physiology, anatomy and eye diseases), dietology, and many other fields of science which can aid in effective correction of human appearance. It comprises surgical interventions, therapeutic programmes for improvement of facial and body skin, hair and nails, as well as diagnostics of diseases of internal organs which affect the state of skin and hair. Specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine afford primary attention to patient rehabilitation after plastic surgeries.

Aesthetic medicine includes the following methods:

  • facial contour correction;
  • correction of expression wrinkles, lip form, facial contours;
  • treatment of excessive perspiration;
  • intradermal rejuvenative microinjections for face and body (“beauty injections” intended for smoothing out wrinkles, face lift, correction of defects after traumas, lip augmentation, facial asymmetry correction, etc.);
  • mesotherapy (intradermal injection of special cocktails);
  • facial and body hygienic and preventive procedures (mechanic, vacuum, hygienic, ultrasonic facial cleansing; treatment of skin age changes, as well as scars, pigmentation, acne; face and body massage);
  • biorevitalisation or bioresuscitation (a technique helping to renew tonus, elasticity and colour of the skin, creating the protective barrier from the impact of free radicals, renewing internal environment, and slowing down the ageing process of the skin);
  • various types of electric treatment;
  • phototherapy (light treatment), and many others.

The best clinics of aesthetic medicine are located in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Israel, Turkey, Spain, Hungary, Japan, and China.

Aesthetic medicine is tightly connected with cosmetology – a science of aesthetic problems of human organism, their reasons and symptoms, which employs the complex of methods aimed at the correction of aesthetic problems of human appearance.

Unlike aesthetic medicine, where all procedures are performed exclusively by specialists with higher medical education, particular methods of cosmetology may use and employ middle-class medical personnel.

Modern cosmetology is rapidly developing and embraces machine methods as well as application of pharmaceuticals, which help to remove undesirable skin formations once and for all, to slow down age changes of the skin, rejuvenate it and preserve its health, freshness and youth for a long time.

The technology of machine cosmetology allows performing detoxification and tonisation of skin cells applying:

  • specially designed lines of therapeutic  cosmetics;
  • unique techniques of manual massage;
  • Vibra Cell electro-mechanical sonication, ultrasonic peeling, and fixed-wavelength laser.

Today machine cosmetology offers a wide spectre of services, such as:

  • microdermabrasion (dosed peeling, mechanical exfoliation or micro-resurfacing implying application of fine abrasive particles on the skin under pressure with simultaneous suction of “sand jet” powder and epidermal cells by a vacuum system. This procedure helps remove wrinkles, freckles, pigmentation, scars (including ones resulting from burns), superficial skin impairments, yellowish-white cholesterol accumulations on eyelids and cheeks, and also tattoos of various types, colours, and location);
  • cryolift – impact with cold (physiotherapeutic method improving skin penetrability and enabling active substances to penetrate into all its layers);
  • phonophoresis (a method of physiotherapy and machine cosmetology based on the combination of ultrasonic impact and topical application of special therapeutic or cosmetic preparations. Implies the impact on tissues of mechanical vibration with the frequency above 16 kHz. This produces a kind of cell micro massage affecting the layers up to 4-6 cm deep and, as a result, promoting cell metabolism, lymphatic drainage, and topical blood circulation);
  • iontophoresis (it is basically an injection without a needle; a transdermal delivery system in which pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations are propelled through the skin by a low constant current. As a result, this creates a depot of active substances which produce effect for as long as 1 to 12 days);
  • ultrasonic peeling (facial peeling applying an ultrasonic wave; cleanses the skin from horny scales, metabolic products of sweat and oil glands, and also improves blood circulation of superficial skin layers);
  • darsonvalisation (a therapeutic impact on human body with high voltage alternating current through a gas-filled glass electrode. The impact is performed with high frequency pulsed alternating sinusoidal current (110-400 kHz) of high voltage (about 20 kV), but low amperage/intensity (up to 100-200 mA)).

Each area of modern aesthetic medicine and cosmetology has its own advantages and disadvantages, indications and opportunities. Any given procedure should be selected only with the help of a professional doctor who will consider patient’s age and overall state of health. Then a full-range treatment course will result in beautiful and, most importantly, healthy skin, hair, and nails.

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