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Medical Tourism Associations

Within several decades that medical tourism exists, about a dozen international associations and organizations have sprouted unifying the professionals in the field. And each year sees the continuing increase in their numbers, along with the emergence of regional associations and organizations by separate medical specialties. The following are among the most reputable organizations:

Medical Tourism Association, MTA

This is a US-based organization. It comprises of both the companies providing medical services and facilitators, including insurance companies. The organization has an international status and is non-profit.

European Medical Tourism Alliance, EEIG

This organization aims at providing the most exhaustive information on the companies operating in the medical tourism market, protection of interests and operation optimisation of medical organizations involved in this sphere. The Alliance is a non-profit organization based in Hungary.

International Medical Travel Association, IMTA

The membership in this organization with its headquarters in Singapore includes various international organizations in some or other way related to the medical tourism industry — from patients to medical service providers.

International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers, IAMAT

For over 50 years, this organization ensures that any tourist setting out to any country gets a complete understanding about real health threats, possible restrictions due to epidemiological situations and means of protection, specific features of treatment in case of need. This is a non-profit organization.

Council on the Global System of Healthcare, CGIH

This organization primarily aims at providing and continually updating specialised information on health care and medical tourism for wide public. CGIH also deals with the issues of integration of organizations involved in the aspects of medical tourism within the health care system of each country. This organization realises non-profit goals.

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