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Within the last couple of decades cardiology (in particular, cardio surgery) has become one of the most dynamically developing branches of medical science. At present, diseases of cardio-vascular system are prevalent among all other human diseases. Ischemic heart disease and myocardial infarction have lately become “younger” and strike not only older people, but also patients under 30, mostly males. Therefore, cardiologic disease treatment has become one of the major objectives of today’s medicine.

The patient’s chances for recovery increase greatly, if a heart disease has been detected at an early stage. So timely diagnostics and cardiologic operations help prevent myocardial infarction and other severe cardio-vascular diseases. Nowadays, the key cardiologic clinics of Austria, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, the USA, and Sweden apply all groundbreaking scientific developments for diagnostics and treatment of hypertension, arrhythmia, inborn and developed cardiac defects of adults and children of all ages, ischemia, myocardial infarction, and other heart diseases.

For rehabilitation and treatment of a number of chronic cardiologic diseases, up-to-date pharmacological medications are used, which allow to control the level of arterial blood pressure, cardiac rhythm and blood cholesterol.

In cardiologic disease diagnostics leading-edge digital methods of computer visualization are applied. When conducting operations of inborn and developed cardiac defects, the increasing number of medical establishments refuses from using cardiac pumps, employing in its stead vanguard technical developments. Angioplasty, vessel stenting, cardiac valve surgeries, implantation of cardio-stimulants, coronary artery bypass grafting are performed as mini-invasive procedures, with minimal sections. The probability of post-operative complications after such surgical interventions is several times lower, and rehabilitation period substantially decreases.  

Heart transplantation surgeries have become much more successful and widely applied, along with artificial heart transplantation and use of stem cells for the renewal of cardiac tissue. Transplantation technology is being continuously perfected.

The leading US cardiologic clinics use a specific apparatus, which supports the beating of donor heart during transportation. Beating Heart system supplies the heart with oxygen rich in nutrients and salts, and with blood of body-temperature before the transplantation takes place. This way the heart receives minimal damage, and the transplantability rate of the organ reaches 97 % after one month. The percentage of rejections and serious post-operative complications is insignificant.

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