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Choosing a Medical Centre

Before starting with the choice of a medical centre you need to decide on main goals of your travel and expected service level. If your primary goal is undergoing a diagnostic examination, surgery, treatment, or rehabilitation abroad without enhanced and additional level of service, then you can avail of hospitals, medical centres, university clinics, specialized rehabilitation centres, etc., both private and state owned. After studying the list of their services, results of medical practice, and reputation of specialists, you will be able to choose the most appropriate variant. In most cases, it will be standard accommodation in an inpatient ward and average service, without excess. In many countries, especially in South East Asia or Latin America, state medical centres are only entering the sphere of international medical tourism. Their personnel may have poor mastery of English and other foreign languages, while services and additional possibilities for foreign patients may be rather limited. This is why it is recommended to find out about alternative services in private clinics and the difference in their attendance and prices for similar services.

Very often in their desire to cut costs patients pay attention to those medical centres offering services at the lowest prices. This is their fatal error. Low cost of services should not be the primary criterion for your choice, because it may result from cheap expendable materials and medications, use of outdated technologies, substantial economy on nutrition and patient attendance.

Those who are not indifferent to comfort and give importance to improved accommodation should choose among private medical centres. Specialised private clinics or multi-field centres attach high significance to service. In many Asian, East European, and Latin American countries such medical centres are more similar to a luxury hotel and offer their patients enhanced comfort wards with several rooms, additional recovery procedures, including spa, improved nutrition, excursion and entertainment programmes, etc.

It is recommended to choose a medical centre that is well-reputed and has received high level in national, or even better — international accreditation. JCI (Joint Commission International, USA) accreditation is the most prestigious and estimable in medical circles. It is considered that the clinic with JCI accreditation offers top-class medical services. ISO certificate is proof that technical facilities and management of medical centres complies with the supreme international standard. This certificate is provided by the International Standards Organization and is acknowledged in 157 countries around the world.

Another advantage of a medical centre is collaboration with well-known reputable medical universities, laboratories, scientific-research centres. If a medical centre conducts its own scientific research, developments, has joint electronic system with international medical centres for information exchange and providing online consultations, this is another confirmation that it is acknowledged not only in its home country but also abroad.

When making a choice, make certain whether it is a specialized or multi-field centre. In the latter case, inquire which medical field is the most popular among foreign patients. For example, in many medical centres of Gemany and Switzerland you will be told about a vast number of annually arriving patients with problems in the field of cardiology and neurosurgery. Private medical and recovery centres of Israel, Jordan, Cuba, Egypt, and Iceland will tell about their leadership in skin disease treatment. And the services of plastic surgery are most demanded in France, Italy, Spain, and Brazil.

No less important is the information on the number of years a particular medical centre is in function. More prestige and and renown is certainly assigned to medical centres with long-reaching history, which have developed their own traditions of treatment and recovery, but at the same time do not ignore cutting-edge technologies and scientific nd technological advances in the field of medicine.

During your communication with representatives of medical centres or managers of medical tourism operators you should also clarify both the general and more detailed information about the following:

  • which medications and materials, equipment and technologies are applied in the medical centre;
  • what additional attendance and services are offered fo patients and accompanying persons;
  • the cost, terms and conditions of payment for services;
  • time required and provided for stay in the inpatient ward before and after te surgery (medical intervention);
  • possibilities for accommodating relatives (accompanying persons) in the ward;
  • which languages the personnel can speak and does the medical centre employ a translator or curator;
  • insurance issues, in particular, the possibility to prepare documents for your insurance company;
  • exact location of the medical centre and best route to get there (this information is extremely important for patients with serious traumas and diseases, handicapped people, for pregnant women), etc.

If you need more detailed information about medical centres presented in our Directory and on this Website, please contact our support service by phone or e-mail.

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