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Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry

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Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry

"Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry" was founded in 2000 as one of the first clinics in Ukraine specializing in dentoalveolar and facial surgery and aesthetics. The clinic's medical staff regularly undergo theoretical and practical training with some of the leading domestic and foreign experts to discover and understand the latest achievements in the world of dentistry.

Due to the use of European treatment protocols and our links with a leading German laboratory, we are able to treat patients not only from all over Ukraine, but also from Germany, USA, Canada, Austria and other countries.

"Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry" has extensive experience in the field of rehabilitation of the oral cavity with a full or significant loss of teeth and delivers treatments using the latest materials and equipment.

The clinic offers therapeutic, endodontic, orthopedic, orthodontic and surgical treatments.

"We are pleased that, at our clinic, patients are able to take advantage of the whole concept of esthetic, dental and facial rehabilitation" says Vladimir Duda, the head doctor.


  • Dentistry
    • Diagnostics
    • Implantation
    • Parodontics and microsurgery
    • Endodontic surgery
    • Preparatory operations for implantations
    • Tooth extraction
    • Orthodontic treatment
    • Orthopedic rehabilitation
    • Endodontic treatment
    • Tooth restoration
    • Whitening Zoom Advanced Power
    • Patient sedation during surgical manipulations
    • Hygienist services
    • Professional dental photography
    • Phonetic tests
    • Consultations with other specialists

    Prior to the start of dental treatment, oral diagnostics have to be carried out including the following stages:

    1. Patient’s health condition data collection, smoking patterns and identifying counter-indications to certain types of dental rehabilitation.

    2. Oral diagnostics. At this stage, we take into consideration your wishes, esthetic risks, make preliminary diagnosis, offer several options of dental treatment.

    3.  X-ray conclusion is the most important stage of oral diagnostics.

    4. Following the diagnostics and the final diagnosis, we proceed to dental treatment planning.

    5. Also, prior to implantology we suggest that laboratory diagnostics be done (blood analysis, densitometry - a method enabling the diagnostics of bone density to exclude osteoporosis).

    Our clinic is happy to offer you the following types of radiological diagnostics:

    Periapical X-ray by radiovisiographist serves to assess the condition of teeth, paradontium, and periapical tissues.

    Orthopantomogram is used to assess bone tissue condition, implantation planning, orthodontal treatment, and prosthetics.

    Teleroentgenogram is used for orthodontal treatment analysis and planning.

    Computer tomogram is used for implantation planning, preparatory operations, endodotic treatment, fabrication of diagnostic and surgical stents.

    Vladimir Viktorovych Duda

    Vladimir Viktorovych Duda

    Head doctor. Surgeon, dentist, orthopaedist.

    He graduated from the Ukrainian Medical Academy in 1997. He is a full member of Association of Implantologists of Ukraine.

    Galina Vasilyevna Matiuk

    Galina Vasilyevna Matiuk

    Top-level dentist, orthodontist.

    She graduated from the O. Bogomolets Kyiv Medical University in 1993. She is a full member of Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine.

    Arthur Ryabcev

    Arthur Ryabcev

    General dentist.

    Graduated from Crimean State Medical University in 2006.

    Oksana Firsova

    Oksana Firsova

    Dental Hygienist. 

    Graduated from Stahanovskoe Medical School in 1994. 1995 to 1997 worked as a dental assistant.

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    Лена** | 30.03.2012

    Я лечилась у Николенко Тараса Васильевича и очень ему благодарна за профессиональную работу, а также за внимательность. Осталась довольна! Рекомендую всем, не пожалеете.

    Алла | 29.03.2012

    Выражаю огромную благодарность докторам Клиники эстетической стоматологии за высококвалифицированную работу и теплое отношение всего коллектива.Очень довольна результатом шикарной улыбки!

    Лена | 29.03.2012

    Никогда не оставляла отзывы, но после лечение в этой стоматологической клинике просто обязана поделится с остальными! Это как "маленькая Европа"! Полностью во всем поддерживается высокий класс работы, начиная от администраторов клиники (всегда приветливые, воспитанные, тактичные и заботливые девочки) и заканчивая врачами, у которых просто "золотые руки"! Ходить к стоматологу не самое любимое занятие, но благодаря персоналу это клиники ходим туда всей семьей! Очень рада, что удалось найти такую клиники!!!!

    nata177 | 16.03.2012

    Dobryi den! Mne v klinike delali otbelivanie zubov, chem ia ostalas kraine dovolna. Teper staraius ne pit kofe i chai, potihonku prihoditsa privykat.

    Ольга К. | 15.03.2012

    Цены кусаются, но оно того стоит. Отдельная благодарность Владимиру Викторовичу.

    Address:14 Patorzhynskogo St., Kiev 01001, Ukraine
    Phone:+380442308388, skype: Kes klinika
    Web:Official Website

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