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EGE Health Hospital

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EGE Health Hospital

EGE Health Hospital in Izmir is one of the major hospitals in Turkey. It started in 1969 and was Izmir’s first private hospital. This world-class hospital attained the acclaimed Joint Commission International accreditation, which is managed by the UNIVERSAL Hospitals Group, the leading healthcare group in the nation.

The hospital is patient focused and has 170 beds and well-equipped departments in every medical specialty as well as several special clinics to serve its clients. It provides world-class medical care in all major and minor specialties. The modern surgery unit has departments in various disciplines and is especially known for its aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. It features 7 operating rooms with advanced facilities such as the HEPA filter for clean and sterile surgeries.

The hospital has various specialized Intensive Care Units including general, heart and neonatal Units. They all have the newest facilities like bedside monitoring systems and dialysis, defibrillators and suction systems, 24 hour surveillance. The hospital provides excellent and most appropriate care in its 24-hour Emergency Unit. This Unit employs well-trained physicians, nurses, and supporting staff who have extensive experienced in advanced cardiac, trauma and pediatric life support care. Emergency Unit is equipped with modern ambulances and life support systems.

The hospital has high-end technology and possesses the latest generation of medical equipment. The Diagnostic Imaging Unit has a 64-channel multi detector CT, Doppler ultrasound, PET CT scan, MRI 1.5 Tesla, and the latest X-ray. The Pharmacy and Nuclear Medicine Unit also have cutting edge facilities. Nuclear Medicine Unit has modern laboratories in various fields.

The hospital provides luxurious accommodations in a caring environment in 17 VIP Suites, regular suites and 55 private rooms.

On Nov. 30, EGE University Health Hospital performed Turkey’s first implant of the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart. The heart transplant program, started in 1998, has become the most active program in the country, performing a total of 130 transplants. Each year, EGE University performs approximately 1,100 open heart surgeries. Originally used as a permanent replacement heart, the Total Artificial Heart is currently approved as a bridge to human heart transplant for patients dying from end-stage biventricular failure. The Total Artificial Heart is the only device that provides immediate, safe blood flow of up to 9.5 L/min through both ventricles. The SynCardia Total Artificial Heart is the first and only FDA, Health Canada and CE Mark approved Total Artificial Heart in the world.


  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Additional Amenities

    • Hotel for Attendants
    • Telephone
    • Television
    • Restaurant

    International Accreditationand Certifications

    • JCI Certification

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    Сергей | 10.10.2013

    Операция в июне 2013 года после термического ожега. Хороший сервис и цены меньше, чес в Киеве

    Ольга | 10.10.2013

    Ездили на лечение с отцом весной 2013 после аварии. Понравился сервис и цены. Намного дешевле, чем в Москве и даже в Израиле.

    levan | 14.09.2013

    halo! have you some scholarship programs? i am a doctor from Georgia, orthopedic and trauma surgeon of children an adults. can you help me? to find some information about it. thanks and best regards!!!

    kim | 21.12.2011

    a bit unfriendly but very specific

    Pretty Sue | 14.12.2011

    First time in Turkey. Docs are good listeners with great bedside manners.


    Antony B. | 07.12.2011

    Vielen Dank!

    Weh | 27.10.2011


    What I liked most about the hospital was 100% match of the prices offered prior to my arrival and the actual bill I received in the end. Pleasant experience.

    Sawas | 27.10.2011

    I was called 'floppy' for my protruding ears as long as i rember. Only after i turned 27 i had an opportunity to have my ears pinned. I went for the procedure to EGE Health Hospital. They made it a quick and flawless experience from the moment of transfer to the very last follow-up visit. The procedure was well worth all pains - it gave me a great boost of my self esteem. Good bye, Floppy!

    Address:1399 Mimar Sinan Mah, Street 17, Izmir, Turkey

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