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Euthymiades Audiology Centre

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Euthymiades Audiology Centre

Euthymiades Audiology Centre (EAC) focuses on the assessment and management of hearing and balance disorders in adults and children. The headquarters are based in Nicosia, the island’s capital with satellite EAC clinics spread island-wide. EAC cements itself within the Cypriot healthcare infrastructure as its history dates as far back as 1899 when Zenon J. Euthymiades founded the general commerce company Z.J.Euthymiades & Co. Ltd. The centre branches in all major cities, such as Larnaca, Paphos, and Limassol demonstrating the continuing success the facility has been providing in the country.

The Centre’s resources are being continually reinvested for further development. EAC has been recognised as one of the leading Audiological Centres in the Mediterranean using the most advanced technology. EAC are the official hearing aid distributors of Phonak and Oticon.

EAC have celebrated more than 110 years of experience and expertise in the hearing healthcare. Their professional Audiology team are devoted to serve the hearing impaired population. UK registered, Clinical Scientists with experience in all areas of Audiology, is the latest addition to their strong team of Audiologists, Hearing Aid Specialists and Technicians.

EAC have recently expanded their Paediatric services to include some of the latest equipment in order to test children from 0-16 years during natural sleep or targeted and conditioned play according to chronological and developmental stages. They have established links with allied professionals, such as paediatricians, speech and language therapists, ear nose throat doctors and neurologists for holistic management and communication.

EAC is currently facilitating the development of specialised clinical audiological services which will provide full diagnostic assessments for hearing impairment in children of all ages as well as treatment including hearing aids and implementation of additional services once a hearing loss has been diagnosed. In addition, a dedicated multi-disciplinary and highly equipped balance clinic, the first of its kind in Cyprus, has also been set-up and offers testing and rehabilitation of patients suffering with symptoms dizziness as well as with elderly patients who have experienced falls.

Since joining the EU in 2004, Cyprus has become a more easily accessible and sought-after location for both business and leisure in the Eastern European. Cyprus has excellent private health care facilities which, combined with a warm, sunny climate, stunning landscapes and a relatively relaxed way of life, makes it an ideal medical and wellness tourist destination.


  • ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat)

    Additional Amenities

    • Telephone


    • Hearing assessments
    • Hearing aid fittings and adjustments
    • FM system fitting for schools and individuals 
    • Fully equipped lab for custom-made hearing aids
    • Technical support
    • Manufucture of earplugs and ear protection systems
    • Paediatric assessment and management
    • Newborn hearing screening
    • Testing special needs children and adults
    • Balance assessments and rehabilitation
    • Distribution of audiological equipment
    • Equipment calibration

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    BeautifullifeXXI | 07.11.2011

    Our little one was diagnosed with moderately severe hearing loss in teh left ear when she was 3 years old. For effective learning she needed good hearing aids and there was no chance to get them free on NHS due to long waitlists and limited resources. We decided to go private and researched some overseas clinics. Cyprus seemed a good option with high-skilled audiologists and low prices. Our doctor Miss Alexia Z. Euthymiades showed great attention to us and gave a lot of useful recommendations. She said stem cells are a very promising treatment and we could access it later. Meanwhile she prescribed water-proof hearing aids Phonak Naida S CRT. We have no worries about our daughter now when she is out playing with friends or caught in the rain.

    Address:8 Methonis, Nicosia 1070, Cyprus

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