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HIFU Clinic

Grodzisk Mazowiecki
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HIFU Clinic

HIFU Clinic is the first and only clinic in Poland offering prostate cancer treatment with the use of high intensity focused ultrasound - HIFU.

Ablatherm® HIFU treatment (or thermal ablation) treats prostate cancer by focusing high-intensity ultrasound waves on the affected area, causing localized heating that destroys the cells in the gland without damaging the surrounding tissue. Focused ultrasound works in the same way as rays of sunlight that pass through a magnifying glass and are concentrated at a single point, causing a significant temperature rise around the focal point.

Thermal ablation is a non-invasive (incisionless and radiation-free) treatment that has been used in humans since 1993. With more than 30,000 treatments performed using Ablatherm® HIFU, it is no longer considered as an experimental procedure and its effectiveness has been demonstrated.

The Ablatherm® HIFU is recognized by the orders of urology specialists in several countries.

HIFU is successfully applied in more than 300 clinics all over the world.

Polish HIFU Clinic offers not only the highest quality (ongoing cooperation with the greatest HIFU expert - dr Stefan Thüroff), but also unmatched price when compared to other clinics.

HIFU Clinic is a professional medical center for the diagnostics and treatment of prostate cancer.   

The dedicated HIFU Clinic Team encompasses a variety of clinical disciplines including urology, cardiology, neurology and interventional radiology. Our multidisciplinary approach is the key to solving your issue.

In order to determine the individual patient's case our medical specialists carry out a thorough examination. After a complete diagnosis doctors discuss all treatment options with you and make recommendations as to what is the best treatment plan.

Full privacy, intimacy and professionalism is to be provided at each and every step of our communication. Our experience in various types of interventions gives you the security of medical care on highest level.

During your visit at HIFU Clinic a thorough examination will be carried out within 24-hours. You will be presented with therapeutical options. If you qualify for the HIFU Intervention you can undergo the treatment on the second day of your stay or arranging the most suitable date for it. If there are no contradictions you will be discharged the next day. You will receive the detailed medical documentation from your examinations and treatment and individual recommendations after the treatment.

HIFU Clinic provides you not only with top level medical services but also with comprehensive organization of your stay in Poland.

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