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Institute Igalo

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Institute Igalo

Igalo is a world famous health spa resort in the legendary Bay of Kotor surrounded by magnificent Montenegrin mountains and the Adriatic Sea. This place has been known for centuries for its natural healing factors, subtropical vegetation and mild Mediterranean climate. Igalo is situated approximately 45 km away from two medieval towns which are the cultural heritage of UNESCO, Dubrovnik on the west and Kotor on the east. It is among the three international airports, Dubrovnik 24 km, Tivat 23 km and Podgorica 99 km.

The Igalo Institute is the largest and the most known institution for multidisciplinary Rehabilitation, Physical and Preventive Medicine, Thalassotherapy and European Spa Treatment in Mediterranean. The Igalo Institute was founded in 1949. Main healing factors are medical mud taken out from the bottom of the sea in Igalo and mineral water “Igaljka”.

Institute’s programs are devoted to promotion of the healthy way of living (“positive health”), correction of bad life habits (“negative health”) and psychosomatic rehabilitation. Basic programs refer to physical medicine, rehabilitation and wellness, but also medical examinations, education, congress tourism, sport. It is devoted to constant medical service enhancement, through the equipment modernization and staff professional development. Medical staff consists of 40 doctors-specialists, 90 highly qualified nurses and 175 physiotherapists. It provides sophisticated, effective non pharmaceutical medical treatments.


  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Alternative & Folk Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Health Checkup Specific
  • Rehabilitation

Additional Amenities

  • Hotel for Attendants
  • Telephone
  • Television
  • Restaurant
  • Wi-Fi

Comprehensive check-up – Antistress  – Slimming – Fitness – Rejuvenation – Sport & recreation – “Preventive rehabilitation”  – designed for clients with pain in the spine, muscles and joints, heart and lungs troubles – Low back school – School for the asthmatic patients – Alternative medicine: Shiatsu, Ki Yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan – Dental studio: Periodontology, Periodontal  – surgery, Aesthetic stomatology, Protetics – laboratory in Germany. 

Rehabilitation of rheumatic patients (rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis of the joints and spine, osteoporosis) – Rehabilitation of patients with bronchial asthma, allergy of the upper air ways – Rehabilitation of patients after myocardial infraction or by-pass surgeries – Rehabilitation of patients with spinal disorders – Rehabilitation of patients after fractures of orthopedic surgeries – Rehabilitation of neurological patients (after brain stroke, injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system, multiple sclerosis) – Rehabilitation of patients with disorders of the peripheral circulation – Rehabilitation of children with the same of similar indications, psoriasis.

Branislav Radojicic, MD, PhD

Branislav Radojicic, MD, PhD


Chief Executive Officer

Marina Delic, MD

Marina Delic, MD

Pulmologist, Medical Director

Zoran Paunovic, MD

Zoran Paunovic, MD

Neuropsychiatries, Marketing Director

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tony | 19.03.2012

zdravo zeeleo bi malo iformacije bolnice reome

puno pozdrava od tonya

David Cameron | 18.10.2011

With the polluted environment here in London I have been suffering from nasal allergy since my childhood. Many of my friends are experiencing similar problems. I spent years waking up to a stuck nose or a sneeze until I arrived to Igalo. I have been told that undergoing treatment here was inexpensive compared to overinflated British prices. Plenty of sunshine and beaches had positively a great impact on my decision as well. In a week I started breathing freely leaving behind all worries about my nose.

Friendly, supportive, caring staff. English speakers all around. Affordable prices. Highly recommended to those residing in moist rainy regions.

Sincere regards to doctors and nurses!

Наталья Рикоц | 29.08.2011

Добрый день!

Рекомендую подводный гидромассаж, от которого аж щекотно. Мы с подругой прошли несколько сеансов. Он значительно улучшает кровообращение и повышает общий тонус мышц. После такой процедуры тело расслабляется от макушки до самых пят, поэтому глаза начинают сами закрываться и сильно клонит на сон. Невероятное наслаждение мы также получили от грязевых обертываний и кинезитерапии: гулять так гулять! Всем приятного отдыха!

Address:5 Sava Ilica, 85347 Igalo, Montenegro

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