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Integra Medical Center

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Integra Medical Center

What makes Integra Medical Center so different from others? Dr. Gonzalez utilizes the latest medical cellular research and combines his multidisciplinary approach to medicine to achieve individual and customized treatments for patients suffering from a multitude of medical conditions and disease processes.

Says Wallena Haynes,  "I am now seizure free and able to reduce my medicine intake in half. I am thankful to God for placing Dr. Gonzalez in my life. Between the two, I have the quality of life that I was meant to have."

Stem cells therapy and stem cell therapy cost does not have to wipe out an individual's savings account. Dr. Omar Gonzalez and Integra Medical Center offer a variety of options and solutions to international patients seeking human stem cell therapy for a variety of medical conditions and disease processes.

Visitors to the IMC area will find a variety of attractions and accommodations, including four star hotels, fishing, sunbathing, hiking, horseback riding, and also indoor entertainment and shopping. Located just south of the Rio Grande, west from McAllen, Texas and east of Brownsville, Texas and South Padre Island.  With our very accessible  location just a few feet from a USA/Mexico international bridge in a very safe, attractive and touristic place called Nuevo Progreso.


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    Dr Omar Gonzalez

    Dr Omar Gonzalez

    accredited as a medical doctor specialist in Human Acupuncture from the Facultad de Medicina y Homeopatia from Instituto Politecnico Nacional.He is a founding member of the Mexican Board of Acupuncture, The Asociación  de Medicos Acupunturistas  de Monterrey. He is a certified physician and  one of the very few medical doctors with a special license as a medical doctor specialist in the  area. He belongs to the International Placenta Stem Cell Society based in Italy.

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    Josh | 26.10.2011

    Hi there,

    Budget options offered by Dr Gonzalez were much appreciated...

    Particularly, when I realized I was running out of cash 'cause of numerous anti-aging procedures. None of us is getting younger, you know.. well, both Dr Gonzalez and Isabel put me through an unforgettable experience in the clinic.

    God bless you.

    Mervin J | 04.10.2011

    I have been diagnosed with IPF 7 years ago. I started looking for holistic methods at once doing internet research, sending inquiries to different clinics. My doctor put me on chelation pills to eliminate excessive calcium from my lungs. Then I was taking lozenges of interferon-alpha and my condition was stable. But there was no guarantee it would stay so. I learned about stem therapy which gave me hope I could stabilise my condition and remain active for a long time. I made a trip to Integra and had the stem cell injection (stem cells were separated from my own fat). Till now (5 years) I am still very active and stable, though had several relapses and had to take antibiotics.

    Address:Avenida Juarez 239, Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas, Mexico 88810

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