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Isida Clinic

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Isida Clinic

ISIDA Clinic is a unique medical facility, specializing in assisted reproductive technologies, gynecology and obstetrics. Our clinic has all necessary services, including gynecology, outpatient department, obstetrics, neonatology, intensive care unit, infertility treatment department, and pediatric care department. Broad medical experience, up-to-date equipment, own laboratories (both clinical and genetic), modern operating units, comfortable stay, and friendly staff are integrated here in order to provide every patient with sophisticated care.

Expertise and experience

All our physicians are experienced professionals. Being members of International Professional Associations our doctors annually undergo training courses abroad and conduct workshops on IVF, gynecology, obstetrics, fetal medicine, and pediatrics for the specialists from other clinics. We have employed 70 physicians and 150 nurses in order to provide the best service to our clients. The leading specialists of ISIDA clinic have the highest qualifying categories and Candidates Degrees of Medicine.

From the very first acquaintance with us you’ll feel support, care and love. We will be at hand every minute: from solving conception problems to discharging healthy mother with a baby, from taking care of your health to observing baby domiciliary within the first months of his/her life.

ISIDA Clinic in figures:

  • For 20 years we have been giving the joy of motherhood and fatherhood
  • More than 55,000 patients trust us
  • More than 5,000 healthy babies — more than 5,000 happy families
  • 560 employees work for the sake of our patients
  • 350 of them are the physicians and junior medical personnel
  • Now there are 3 ISIDA Clinics in Ukraine


  • Gyn/Ob Surgery
  • Infertility Treatment

Additional Amenities

  • Telephone
  • Television
  • Restaurant

International Accreditationand Certifications

  • ISO Certification


  • pregnant women outpatient department;
  • prenatal diagnosis;
  • prenatal diagnosis of congenital and hereditary malformations of the fetus;
  • checkup;
  • conservative treatment of gynecological diseases;
  • mammоlogy.


  • delivery;
  • postnatal care.


  • diagnosis and treatment of all forms of infertility;
  • cryopreservation of sperm, ova, embryos;
  • egg donation;
  • PGD: pre-implantation genetic diagnostics.


  • endoscopic surgery: laparoscopy, hysteroscopy
  • surgical treatment of gynecological diseases


  • urinary incontinence treatment;
  • genital tumor removal;
  • postnatal perineum and vagina care.


  • pediatric surveillance of babies up to 1 year;
  • laboratory and diagnostic examination;
  • immunizations.
Sergey Dudka

Sergey Dudka

Chief Doctor


Associate Professor, PhD

Khazhylenko Xenia

Khazhylenko Xenia

Head of Outpatient Department Obstetrician-gynecologist (highest qualification category)

Specialization: medical genetics and ultrasound examinations

Scope of medical interest: pregnancy achieved by ART (ВРТ) (including multiple pregnancy), recurrent pregnancy loss, genetic aspects of reproduction violations

15 years of experience in pregnancy monitoring

Dikusarova Svetlana

Dikusarova Svetlana

Head of Department of Obstetrics

Obstetrician-gynecologist (highest qualification category)

Associate professor, Ph.D. in Medical Sciences with 30-year practice

Pregnancy and delivery expert

Zinchenko Victor

Zinchenko Victor

Head of Infertility Treatment Department

Embryologist (highest qualification category)

IVF advisor for ISIDA laboratory

Infertility treatment practice since 1992 (Belgium, Israel, Great Britain, and Russia)

Member of ASRM and ESHRE

Semko Alexander

Semko Alexander

Head of Gynecology Department

Obstetrician-gynecologist (highest qualification category)

Ph.D. in Medical Sciences

29 years of medical practice

Gynecology expert

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Agniezska | 15.03.2012

Decent place

to those who have been

trying to conceive for a long time.

Been there twice.

Weg-Meg | 28.02.2012

Most staff kind and only a few nurses seemed to be a bit reluctant.

Dr Semko couldn't have done more for me and my family.

Clare | 22.02.2012

The nurse assigned to my ward was very nice and helpful. Her accent was absolutely cute. Dr Dikusarova is highly recommended with great bedside manners and charming smile. The location could be better though.

A-N-N | 22.02.2012

What I liked was accurate advise on check-up and treatments.

DENNY | 23.01.2012


better than neomed but nurses should have individual approach to each. other than that, feels home.

lady E | 22.12.2011

I was doing a treatment course under the supervision of Dr Dudka. At the initial consultation I felt at ease with him just like I did the rest of the visits. He is looking right into your eyes when he's talking with you and really takes time to listen to all of your questions making you feel comfrotable.

Great follow-up!

Юлия | 03.09.2011

Повх мне не подошла! Клиника просто супер, все понравилась. от наблюдения до родов все прошло без сучка. решиля мою любую ситуацию быстро и трижды спрашивали, правильно ли они поняли мои пожелания. Но Повх подпортила все впечление. Она меня не слушала, просто смотрела пустым взглядом и работала по протоколу. Исида - лучшая клиника в Украине, почему Людмила Повх не отрабатывает на 100%? В целом, все было отлично, хоть и недешево, но никаких даваний денег на карман. Это очень понравилось.

Мария П. | 02.09.2011

Я проходила протокол ЭКО+ИКСИ в Исиде в ноябре прошлого года. Наблюдение и процедуры вела Паламарчук Алина Николаевна, очень приятная, внимательная. Все отлично прошло, ничего из того чем меня "пугали" не было - ни гиперстимуляции, ни побочных эффектов от лекарств. Оплодотворили 4 яйцеклетки, а подсадили 3 эмбриона. Потом оказалось, что у меня сразу два чуда прижилось. Мы еще только появились на свет в Исиде же - еще месяц не прошел, две девочки-крохи, вдвоем веселее :) Клиника понравилась очень: доктор

очень хорошая, компетентная, сестрички тоже толковые и приветливые. Цены могут показаться кусючими, но зато стандарты действительно европейские и никаких сюрпризов и передач из-под полы не надо, все включено и прозрачно. Чувствуешь себя в полной безопасности и спокойствии - мне кажется, оно того стоит.

Address:65 Ivana Lepse Blvd., Kiev
Web:Official Website

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