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Kiev Municipal Heart Center

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Kiev Municipal Heart Center

Top Cardiology Center in Eastern Europe internationally accredited (BUPA Quality Survey, QHA Trent -in process). Extensive experience in working with local and international patients as well as with various health insurance and assisting companies. 155 beds, 5 surgery theaters, VIP services.

The idea of creation of one of  Europe’s highest standard cardiovascular surgery clinic has been realized in the form of Kyiv City Heart Center in 2007. On 37.000 sq. m lie 5 clinical departments, pediatric and adult department, functional diagnostics, and also branch of a computer tomography, radionuclide diagnostics, perfusiology, transfusiology and clinico-diagnostic laboratory.

For the first time in Ukraine within the precincts of one clinic experts in the field of the prevention of diseases, diagnostics and treatment, surgeries, anesthesiology and rehabilitations have gathered. Thanks to this concentration of knowledge and a medical science of cardiact operation of the newborns, minimal invasive cardiac surgery and cardiac transplantation has become possible in Ukraine already today.

Monthly procedures

Coronary ventriculography - 160 procedures

Artery stenting - 50 procedures

Heart surgery - 150. Of them adults - 80% of the children - 20%.

Adults - 55% of coronary artery bypass grafting

35% of prosthetic valve, 10% mixed

Pacemakers installment - 20

Catheter ablation - 10

Cardiac Services

Kiev’s Heart Centre provides cardiac services for all aspects of the diagnosis, management and treatment of heart conditions in adults and children.

Following conditions are being treated at the hospital:

  •  Heart attacks
  •  Myocardial Infarction
  •  Mitral valve prolapse
  •  Arrhythmias
  •  Mitral stenosis and insufficiency
  •  Aortic stenosis and insufficiency
  •  Aortic disease
  •  Congestive heart failure
  •  Atrial fibrillation and flutter
  •  Coronary artery disease
  •  Hypercholesterolemia and risk factor modification
  •  Heart disease symptoms including angina, shortness of breath and palpitations.
  •  Vascular disease

Cardiac Diagnostics

Kiev Heart Centre provides a range of diagnostic tests designed to assess the structure and function of the heart.

These include:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG – heart tracing)
  • MRI (3 Tesla)
  • (Ambulatory ECG recorded over 24/48 hour period)
  • Event recording (recording rhythms of heart)
  • Exercise Tests (tracing recording during a measured piece of exercise)
  • Echocardiography (measurement of the structure and function of the heart chambers and valves)
  • Tilt Test (to assess causes of faintness of dizziness)


Kiev Heart Centre is one of the Ukraine’s leading centres in coronary angiography, angioplasty and stenting, undertaking high volumes with a lower complication rate than other peer group hospitals.

Kiev Heart Centre is also a leading centre for intervention in structural heart disease including closure of septal defects and transcatheter treatment of valve disease. Kiev Heart Centre has a very good reputation in offering transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), a procedure for patients with high risk of aortic valve disease.

Electrophysiology and HiTech

Kiev is a leading centre for Electrophysiology (EP). This rapidly developing area uses the latest 3D mapping equipment and is the fastest growing cardiology services internationally available including the Kiev Heart Centre. 3 Tesla MRI is available at the hospital with latest software. Centre is largely using latest Hi Tech in implantation, including pacemakers, biventricular pacemakers and implantable defibrillators.

Cardiac Surgery

Ukraine’s leading and largest specialist providers of cardiac surgery including Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)

Kiev Heart Centre is one of the Ukraine’s finest and largest valve repair/replacement centres.


  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Cardiology (Heart Care)
  • Cosmetology
  • Dentistry
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Health Checkup General
  • Health Checkup Specific
  • Neurosurgery
  • Obesity/Bariatric Surgery
  • Orthopaedics/Joint Replacement
  • Paediatrics
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Pulmonology
  • Rehabilitation
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Vascular Surgery

Medical Tourism Facilitator

  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Transfer & Transportation

Additional Amenities

  • Telephone
  • Television
  • Restaurant
  • Wi-Fi
  • Computer
  • Internet
Prof. Boris Mikhailovich Todurov, MD

Prof. Boris Mikhailovich Todurov, MD


Chief cardiosurgeon of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, honorable doctor of Ukraine.

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