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Mango Tree SPA

Costa Rica
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Mango Tree SPA

If you are one who would rather heal with natural and alternative methods, The Mango Tree SPA is a small, very private and personal place to recover and heal.  Here you will find alternative medicine, a retreat vacation and the most natural methods used to speed up your healing. A stay at the Mango Tree Eco Lodge will put you in the middle of the ecological magnificence of this area. Dominical, a surfing town, is at the northern extreme of the green corridor and the OSA Peninsula is the southern point.

Ours is a green hotel (or eco lodge) with minimal impact on our surroundings: no smoking, no microwaves, on-demand water heating, gas cooking in our ranch entertainment area, recycling, totally natural spa treatments, neutral carbon experiences, sustainability, raw, organic, and/or vegetarian food if desired,and spring drinkable water and low radiation electronic devices.

An eco-scenic location is a bonus.  What is the alternative?  You have reserved a stay at a hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Your privacy will be compromised and you may be having you’re your meals by room service.  Will they be healthy, organic or raw meals that will enhance your recovery?  Where is the nurse when you might need her? Is the room equipped with items for your special needs? You want a massage but will need to get yourself to the massage area of the hotel and may have to walk through the gym to get there.  Hotels do not offer privacy, they do not have those extras required for a safe recovery, and hotel food may not be organic, raw, vegetarian or even gourmet and healthy.

Book us for your retreat, family gathering, classes, honeymoon, wedding or much needed relaxing vacation in Costa Rica in the most beautiful and newly found South Coast, zona sur.

Additional Amenities

  • Hotel for Attendants
  • Telephone
  • Restaurant
  • Wi-Fi

Treat yourself to complete privacy after the procedure, 24 hour nursing availability, massage therapy by a nurse, Electro-Micro-Current therapy to speed and ensure recovery of your wounds, super healing foods, breathing training and even spa services.

Adventure packages:

  • Horseback ride to Nuayaca Waterfalls (Includes breakfast and lunch)
  • Canu Island scuba or snorkel and mangrove trip – all day – transport included
  • Deep sea fishing – all day
  • Ocean Kayak 3-4 hours around the whale tale Bellena Park
  • Mangrove Kayak  3-4 hours
  • Bird watching
  • Corcovado National Park Guided Tour  -  all day -  transportation included
  • Waterfall swim and Talapia  lunch -  3-4 hours
  • Fresh produce market San Isidro  5 hours
  • Plant medicine walk  2-3 hours
  • Beaches:  Dominical, Hermosa, Arco, Ballena, Piñuela, Tortuga, and Venatanas
  • Reptilandia   - 3 hours
  • Hacienda Baru tours of orchid gardens, zip-line, animals, plants
  • Hiking up the Coronado River, with many waterfalls and pools, very private (dry season only)  Visit to Paradise Botanical Gardens Rio Claro

Spa packages:

  • Massage
  • Natural fruit facials, exfoliates, wraps and masks
  • Skin needling
  • Proper breathing for healing
  • Bump removal: moles, skin tags, and some skin cancers
  • Permanent cosmetics with hand technique (softap) and no down-time
  • Manicures and Pedicures

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Ирина, Вадим, Машуля и Василий | 16.08.2011

Мы с семьей ездили летом 2010 в тур по Коста-Рике: сначала мы ездили по популярным маршрутам и осматривали достопримечательности, а потом на 4 дня остановились в Манго Три Спа. После всей суеты перелетов и поездок очень приятно было расслабиться в этом отдаленном приятном местечко. У нас была своя отдельная вилла со всем необходимым, с полостью оборудованной кухней, уютным садом и прекрасным видом на океан с балкона. Хозяйка вложила душу в оформление каждого уголка курорта и уделяла нам много внимания. Я и сейчас слышу мелодичный перезвон стеклянных подвесных лягушек (почти как музыка ветров) под который приятно просто посидеть в саду и вечером погрузиться в глубокий освежающий сон. Нам очень понравилась кухня — просто пальчики оближешь, особенно нам запомнились приготовленные хозяйкой соусы и фруктовые десерты. Хозяйка нам также порекомендовала активные виды отдыха — мы ездили верхом по окрестностям, ходили в пеший поход по горам и изучали местную флору и фауну, катались на лодке, ну и конечно же нежились на пляже. Не проезжайте мимо если будете на Коста-Рике!

Country:Costa Rica
Address:Tres Rios, Coronado, Costa Rica

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