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Mediana Dental Implant Center

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Mediana Dental Implant Center

Mediana Dental Implant Center is approved private dental practice, specialized in oral surgery, general dentistry and dental implants, localized in the capitol city of Macedonia, Skopje. Mediana Dental is a modern luxuriously equipped office that uses highly sophisticated Dental technology and Dental materials. It is run by experienced and dedicated Dentists, whose aim is to offer their patients not only the best available solutions but also their time, energy and experience. The dentists of Mediana Dental Implant Center, in addition to receiving dental degree from the University of Dentistry – Skopje, have undergone numerous continuing education trainings in order to refine their expertise at performing dental implants surgery, the treatment of oral cancer and salivary gland diseases.

Mediana Dental Implant Center has achieved highly professional Dental standards. In addition, it has managed to sustain affordable prices. Cosmetic dentistry in Macedonia has achieved very high standards due to intensive certification and constant education of specialists abroad and locally. Mediana Dental Implant Center offers a full spectrum of general and cosmetic dentistry services and wide array of dental procedures in order to provide each patient with a complete smile makeover, including dental implants, crowns, bridges and fillings. In addition, the clinic is equipped  with the newest Diode Dental Laser and offers numerous treatments with the latest, most sophisticated laser technology. Laser treatments often performed at Mediana Dental Implants Center include laser bleaching, laser periodontal treatments, laser gum reshaping, herpes labialis treatment, frenectomy, root canal treatment and the removal of benign oral formations.


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    Dr. Spase Janev

    Dr. Spase Janev

    Specialist in oral surgery

    Dr. Diana Bojkovska

    Dr. Diana Bojkovska

    Specialist in oral surgery and implantology

    Dr. Zaklina Meneva

    Dr. Zaklina Meneva

    Specialist in oral surgery

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    Address:Salvadore Aljende 73/1, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
    Phone:+38923176003, +38970230212

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