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Medsurge Healthcare – Infertility Treatment India

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We facilitate Infertility Treatment and Artificial Reproduction Techniques in India for Couples from across the Globe. The treatment is facilitated in Top Infertility Clinics and Healthcare Centers of India. We form the largest network of Infertility Clinics in India that provide all the treatments including Donor Egg IVF Programs and Surrogacy.

We have designed the best and the most affordable package for the patients with the best quality Top Notch Services in India.

Causes of Infertility

Both fallopian tubes are absent or blocked due to surgery or tubal pregnancy) or infection (STD, or Tuberculosis) Endometriosis Reduced sperm count or motility (IVF can be normally performed for counts which are more than 5 million per ml. For counts less than 5 million per ml. ICSI is a better option.) Patients where all other treatments such as ovulation induction with intra uterine insemination have proven unsuccessful.

Patients with unexplained infertility where all the investigations performed on the couple are normal, but who still do not conceive with routine treatments. Patients who have failed to become pregnant inspite of all routine treatments of infertility. Patients who want to become pregnant by the procedure of embryo and egg donation. In our unit, the success rates of IVF are in the region of 20 to 30%, which are comparable to the leading units in the world.

Procedure of In-Vitro-Fertilization

There are five major steps in the IVF and embryo transfer sequence:

  • Monitor the development of ripening egg(s) in the ovaries
  • Collection of eggs
  • Obtaining the sperm
  • Putting the eggs and sperm together in the laboratory, and providing correct conditions for fertilization and early embryo growth
  • Transferring the embryos into the uterus


  • Artificial insemination;
  • In vitro fertilization;
  • Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection;
  • Sperm retrieval;
  • Assisted laser hatching;
  • Blastocyst culture;
  • Egg donation;
  • Embryo donation;
  • Sperm banking.


  • 1.     Donor Egg - The average price of the Donor Egg IVF Program with our facilities is 5300 USD.
  • 2.     Embryo Donation - The average price of the Embryo Donation Program with our facilities is 6250 USD.
  • 3.     IUI Treatment - The average price of the IUI Treatment with our facilities is 450 USD.

The best results for an IUI cycle are in stimulated cycle. For this, you will be started on one injection daily, from Day1 of your menses, for about 10 days within which you will be ready & will have formed multiple mature eggs in your ovaries. The IUI will be on 2 consecutive days, around the time of ovulation, one prior to rupture of the follicle & one post rupture. Your stay in India will be for a maximum of about two weeks. However, you can also begin your injections there in your hometown & reach our clinic for the treatment by the 10th day.

Prior to undergoing an Intra-uterine Insemination cycle, you are advised to undergo certain basic infertility screening tests, which also include an infectious disease screen. A Hysterosalpingogram (HSG- to check the patency of your tubes) & a Diagnostic- Hysteroscopy (visualisation of the pelvic & uterine cavity with a camera) are also advised prior to your IUI.

  • 4.     IVF/ICSI - The average price of the IVF Program with our facilities is 3875 USD/Per Cycle.
  • 5.     Surrogate Mother Programme.

The average price of the Surrogate Mother Program with our facilities is 13,500 USD

The cost includes:

A)      Advertisement for recruiting the surrogate and selection of present recruited Surrogates.

B)       Basic Investigations, Complete Screening and Diagnostic Hysteroscopy of the Surrogate.

C)      Preparation of the Surrogate till the Embryo Transfer.

D)      Charges for Ante-Natal Care of the Surrogate.

E)      Charges for Normal Delivery of the Surrogate.

F)     Complete Payment of the Surrogate in a phased manner.



The IVF/ICSI Management of the couple has to be done as the fertilization takes place in the lab conditions and then the embryo has to be transferred to the surrogate. Separate IVF /ICSI charges is as follows-

a) One Complete IVF /ICSI Cycle- 1400 USD.

B) Medication for super ovulation and egg production-  1200 USD.



Break –Up of the 13,500 USD.

 500 USD - Cost for advertisement for recruiting the surrogate.

 2750 USD - Initial payment for preparation of the surrogate up to

 Embryo Transfer (non-refundable).

7500 USD - Payment is 2500 USD per trimester, to be paid once the

 Surrogate gets pregnant. (2500 USD once every three months).

 1500 USD - Charges for her antenatal care.

1000 USD - Charges of Normal Delivery.



All the countries have varied rules for adoption of the baby from the surrogate mother. You would need to get in touch with the lawyer to get a very clear picture of the rules pertaining to surrogacy in your country.

We would provide you with:

1)       Surrogacy Agreement- signed between the surrogate and the parents.

2)       Birth Certificate of the Baby- confirming the clients as the parents.

3)       Discharge Card of the Surrogate issued after the birth of the baby.

4)       Consent Form of the Surrogate.

You would be expected to keep the HIGH COMMISSION OF YOUR COUNTRY IN INDIA-posted about the various phases of the pregnancy and the delivery of the child. We would guide you in this matter. This is important as the Embassy of your country would be providing the travel documents of the baby.

In UK-you would need only a Parental Order from the local court.This can be done once you take back the baby.

  • 6.     Uterine Polypectomy The cost of the Utrine Polypectomy is in the range of : - 3100 to 3400 USD ( 3 days stay included).

The Packages Include:

1) Pre and post investigations, Consultations and Follow Up.

2) Surgery, Surgeon’s fees, Anesthetists fees drugs, consumables.

3) Stay in the hospital and in India--in an AC deluxe room affixed with TV, cable,

Internet, phone line. Stay Outside hospital in a 5 star Hotel with a chauffer driven car always at your disposal.

4) Food for your total stay.

5) Airport pickup and drop also.

6) Stay for one accompanying attendant also.


*All these quotes are of inclusive of stay in standard single deluxe room. Staying in deluxe room on twin sharing basis or in a ward category room can further reduce the cost.

We have 15 associated facilities with us for these surgeries and all have the best surgeons. We follow strict HIPPA Rules of sharing the patient information only with the treating surgeon-patient confidentiality and privacy is our foremost priority. As a doctor, it is important for me to make you aware of this.

The surgery can be planned immediately-but we advise at least 2 to 3 weeks of time -so that proper planning and the and the arrangement is done. This is also the time you would need to book your flight tickets and your visa to India.

The cost of the airfare is not included in the above-mentioned packages and has to be separately borne by you. The average cost of the airfare is as follows:




Once you decide on the date of the surgery-our Travel Consultant will guide you with paperwork for getting the tourist visa to India. You would be received at the airport by or Executive who would accompany you to the Hospital. If you desire to stay in the Hotel besides your Hospital stay, or wish to arrange a trip to any tourist destination, the same would be coordinated and arranged for you.

*Basically these are all-inclusive packages.

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