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Myroslava Drohomyretska’s Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry

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Myroslava Drohomyretska’s Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry

"With respect to health and beauty…" - is the philosophy of our core values, which lay the basis to our daily professional activity and success  promotion. While creating authorial clinic in Kyiv, Myroslava Drohomyretska simultaneously decided to organize something unique and entirely changed the concept on dentistry and treatment of patients. The newest methods and services at the perfection level are being used at present in "Myroslava Drohomyretska’s Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry ". The global understanding of qualitative treatment integrity and completeness  was formed thanks to  many years of  experience and clinical cases analysis, constant world stomatological technologies studies and following the development of science. Due to that Myroslava Drohomyretska established the philosophy of functional harmony and SPA as a principle of creating natural esthetics of a smile and a face as well as developing the system of integral, multidimensional treatment of teeth, dentition, occlusion and malfunction of TMJ, which takes into consideration:

-          peculiarities of human skeleton;

-          interconnected functioning of back and facial  joints and muscles;

-          stress and  person’s lifestyle influence on appearance and  human organism functioning.

The atmosphere in the clinic has a comforting influence on the patient and the treatment helps to solve the complex of problems connected with health in general.

Thanks to Myroslava Drohomyretska’s help more than 5000 patients got rid of aesthetic and functional problems related to the malocclusion and wrong teeth positioning.

-     "Myroslava Drohomyretska’s Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry " is the clinic which provides the complete dentistry services,  being oriented on  health, aesthetics and function.

-     "Myroslava Drohomyretska’s Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry"  as the orthodontic centre  specializes in bite correction  and wrong teeth positioning.

-     "Myroslava Drohomyretska’s Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry" bears a combination of high quality and specialists’ professionalism with the highest standards in the sphere of modern stomatological aid.

At the "Myroslava Drohomyretska’s Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry" both an adult and a teenager is under the guard of experienced doctors, each of them being dedicated to the highest level of their work. Little patients are accustomed here to be treated as sacred creatures. We treat all professionally, everyone - individually.


  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Dentistry

Additional Amenities

  • Telephone
  • orthodontic treatment of  adults and children (a correction of malocclusion)
  • orthognathic surgery (the correction of bite problem - surgical interference)
  •  orthopaedics (all types of aesthetic prosthetics)
  •  aesthetic restoration of teeth, micro-prosthetics, teeth  renovation
  • child VIP  pedodontia (the personal approach and comfort for Your child)
  •  therapeutic stomatology (treatment)
  •  stomatological surgery (exodontia, correction of bridle, micro-surgery on gums, cysts’ extraction)
  • implantology
  • anaesthesiology (treatment under general pain relieving)
  •  endodontology (treatment of teeth’s roots)
  •  periodontology
  •  prophylaxis, hygiene (prophylactic measures)
  • consultation of the  osteopath
  • computer diagnostics
  • clinical dental photo-bleaching
  •  functional stomatology
  • diagnostics of functional occlusion
  • Dental SPA
Drohomyretska Myroslava , MD

Drohomyretska Myroslava , MD

Honoured Physician of Ukraine

Main orthodontist of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine

Vice-president of the Association of orthodontists of Ukraine

Member of the International Association of Orthodontists

Member of the European Association of Orthodontists

Chief of the Orthodontic Department of P.L. Shupik National Medical Academy of post-graduate education.

Huk Andriy Olegovych

Huk Andriy Olegovych


D.Galitsky Lviv National medical University

Global Institute for dental of Education, Los-Angelis, California, USA

Pidgorodetskiy Ruslan Mykolayovych

Pidgorodetskiy Ruslan Mykolayovych


D.Galitsky Lviv National medical University

P.L. Shupik National Medical Academy of post-graduate education

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Hilmar007 | 24.10.2011

I was referred to Drohomyretska’s Clinic by a close friend of mine from Kiev. I was quite okay with my last dentist but after visiting the Ukrainian clinic I was completely converted. The dentists here did a much more complete exam and thorough cleaning than my old dentist. The hall and the rooms were very clean and they have little goodies all over the place. Much appreciated..!!

Address:37/122 Tarasa Shevchenka blvd, Kiev, Ukraine 01032

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