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Naturelle Dental Clinic

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Naturelle Dental Clinic

Naturelle is a new generation of dental clinics. Our knowledge and experience for the benefit of your health and beauty — this is the motto of our team. Our major goal is endowing people with health, joy, and self-assuredness each and every day.

 The clinic was founded by the two brothers:

  • Lesnukhin Maxim Leonidovych — the Clinic’s Head Doctor, leading specialist in the field of aesthetic prosthetics.
  • Lesnukhin Vladimir Leonidovych — Candidate of Medical Sciences, leading specialist in the field of maxillofacial surgery.

 The status of our Clinic is supported by the existence of our own dental laboratory and the integrity of the Clinic facilitation concept — all equipment is represented by one single Sirona brand, materials and appliances are exclusively Ivoclar Vivadent. We gave preference to working with only one brand both in the laboratory and in the Clinic for delivering the best desirable aesthetic outcome. This concept demonstrates its efficiency by providing 100% customer satisfaction. We manage to achieve the desired natural colour and hue of our patients’ teeth (no artificial-looking glow under ultraviolet light!). Everything should look Naturelle.

 The principle of our work implies complex approach to resolving each individual case.

Exact diagnostics and planning before the start of treatment enables us to deliver maximal functional and aesthetic outcome with minimal number of patient appointments. Even the most complex works and surgical interventions are performed within one appointment under sedation, and the second appointment is the finishing stage of treatment. This is owing to a particular treatment method: we utilise person’s own bone material for implants, which greatly reduces implant acceptance time with unfailingly high success rate — over 99%.

Inside the Clinic premises, there is a special atmosphere of homely comfort and cleanliness. We blended our knowledge, experience, and wish to bring joy to people to create a really unique Clinic offering high quality work and welcoming atmosphere. Our goal is your shining smile radiating health and assuredness in your perfection.

Aesthetic prosthetics is the complex of procedures to recreate the natural harmony of your smile. It accounts for both external factors (facial proportions) and intraoral factors (combination of pink and white aesthetics). The whole range of methods for restoring tooth alignment allow achieving excellent aesthetic effect with various problems: altered colour and form of teeth, absence of one or several teeth with broken continuity of tooth row, gaps between the teeth, etc. Aesthetic prosthetics is based on using metal-free micro-constructions: inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, bridges.


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    Maxim Lesnukhin

    Maxim Lesnukhin

    Chief Executive Officer, dentist-orthopedist

    Vladimir Lesnukhin, PhD

    Vladimir Lesnukhin, PhD

    Oral surgeon

    Kristina Sidorak

    Kristina Sidorak


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    Евгения | 22.03.2012

    клиника классная! цены здесь, конечно, космические, но и сервис соответствующий. рекомендую Владимира Леснухина. всем удачи!

    kelia | 21.12.2011

    wisdom tooth extracted painlessly

    Donna Corcoran | 16.04.2011

    Prices for Dental Implants and types of

    dental material used for the implants

    Do you used Zirconium?

    Address:58/2B Artem St., Kiev04050, Ukraine
    Phone:+380 (44) 353 0000
    Fax:+380 (44) 484 3627

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