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Dr. Franklin's Panchakarma Institute & Research Centre

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Dr. Franklin's Panchakarma Institute & Research Centre

The origin of Dr.Franklin's Panchakarma centre has been traced back up to 400 years where the forefathers of Dr.Franklin had been serving the natives with Ayurvedic medication. Dr.Franklin was born and brought up in this traditional Ayurvedic medical family. Academically qualified by completing degree and post graduate degree in the similar field, Dr.Franklin had been recruited by the Kerala Government and worked up to the post of Chief District Medical Officer. After his voluntarily retirement he joined as physiotherapist for Qatar football team and found that the Ayurveda is very effective for treating foreigners. Returning to India Dr.Franklin started an Ayurveda centre at Hotel Neptune in 1980. Domestic and international tourists experienced the healing touch of Ayurveda and its preventive and rejuvenating effects.

The dream for an exclusive Ayurveda centre has been accomplished by inaugurating "Dr.Franklin's Panchakarma Institute & Research Centre" in 1997 at Chowara. Recognizing the meritorious services and effect of the genuine treatments, people from all over the world approaches the centre for the cure for their various illness, rejuvenation and detox treatments.


  • Alternative & Folk Medicine

    Additional Amenities

    • Hotel for Attendants
    • Telephone
    • Television
    • Restaurant
    • Wi-Fi

    Treatment for Arthritis, Asthma, Backache, Hepatitis, Diabetes, different skin diseases, Frozen Shoulders, Gastric disorders, Hemorrhoids, Infertility of both Men and Women, Burn outs, Sleeping Disorders, Special treatments for chemo therapy rehabilitation and Immune deficiency disorders, etc

    Healthcare treatments like Rejuvenation, Body Purification, Swasa Kasa Chikilsa (For Lungs), You & Your Spine (Spine problems), Body, Mind & Soul (stress reliever), Body Immunization / Longevity Treatment, Anti Ageing, Panchakarma Chikitsa are also offered.



    Chief Physician

    Dr.Sony Joseph

    Dr.Sony Joseph

    Managing Director and Physician

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    Сергей Степанович | 08.12.2011

    Не место, а рай! С языком, конечно, туговато - без английского сейчас никуда. Но возвратился домой я полон бодрости и здоровья. Бессоницу, боли в спине, проблемы с аппетитом и даже некоторые нервные расстройства как рукой сняло. Признаюсь: в аюрведу влюбился окончательно и бесповоротно. Надеюсь, не последний раз наведываюсь к магу Франклину.

    Dowd_J | 26.09.2011

    I went for a 2-week stay at Panchakarma to get introduced to Ayurvedic treatments, very impressed and had good improvements in health and emotional stability. 7-days treatment is enough if you go for rejuvenation, and body purification treatment requires minimum 14 days. Complete Panchakarma course is 4 weeks — that will have to be my next visit. Ayurveda treatments are performed by expert doctors and therapists, staff are friendly and ready to help. Rooms and territory are very clean and comfortable. Massages and one or more treatments for 2-3 hrs every day. Yoga sessions helped reconnect to inner energy, concentrate and improve self confidence. They served very delicious and balanced Ayurvedic vegetarian foods. The chef gave us a brief on kerala-style vegetarian cooking. There were some ‘hardships’ like Vamanam (therapeutic vomiting) treatment, but it is one of the main Panchakarma procedures and very effective with asthma and respiratory problems.

    Address:Chowara P.O, Trivandrum, Kerala 695501, India

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