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Praxis für Fertilität

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Praxis für Fertilität

Our team has specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of both unwanted infertility and endometriosis. As specialists in these fields, we base our approaches on the state of the art in science. At the same time, we supplement the knowledge we have gained from intensive medical research with complementary treatment approaches from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and homoeopathy, as well as from physiotherapy, nutritional medicine and psychological counselling.

Thanks to our high levels of scientific and clinical quality, ours is the only practice in Germany to be certified as a level II endometriosis centre. Patients with endometriosis, whether or not they wish to have children, receive care from a team with many years of experience and can be confident of being put in touch with experts in surgical, endocrinological and pain therapy.

We have an interdisciplinary approach as surgeons, endocrinologists, specialists in reproductive medicine and scientists, permitting us to work hand in hand in close cooperation for our patients. Ensuring quality of diagnostics, treatment and research for our patients is our greatest concern.


  • Infertility Treatment

    At our centre we have streamlined diagnostics to accommodate the desire of most patients to quickly resolve their problem, even more so if they live abroad. Previousely submitted medical files often offer valuable information as to the cause of the problem at hand.

    If they should not yet be in possession of some of the required tests we can offer appointments at short notice. Generally our tests reveal the source of the problem in as little as a day, in some cases this might take a few weeks.

    We offer complete hormonal- and infertility diagnostics and –state of the art- conventional treatments as well as alternative approaches like Mini-IVF/ICSI, Soft-IVF/ICSI, Natural Cycle-IVF/ICSI and modified Natural Cyle IVF/ICSI. We also use Accupuncture.

    Gülden Halis M.D.

    Gülden Halis M.D.

    Dr. Halis was born in Istanbul, Turkey, also studied medicine in Berlin. Her scientific career led her through the University of Edinburgh and the Yale School of Medicine in Connecticut before sub-specializing in Berlin. She‘s one of Germany‘s most acclaimed endometriosis specialists.

    D. J. Peet M.D.

    D. J. Peet M.D.

    Dr. Peet, British national, studied medicine in Berlin and pioneered the first university IVF clinic here. In 1997 he founded Berlin‘s first private IVF clinic. From 2000 until December 2009 he headed Berlin‘s biggest and most successful department. Germany‘s newest clinic is set up right in the middle of Berlin‘s historic centre. Apart from new methods like Mini IVF and Soft IVF we offer all standard infertility treatments (insemination, IVF, ICSI), as well as Polar body diagnosis. Languages spoken: German, English and Spanish.

    • Insemination cycle approx. 400 – 600, € plus medications (50 – 500 €)
    • IVF (conventional IVF) approx. 2.000 – 3.000 € plus medications (1.000 – 2.500 €)
    • MINI-IVF approx. 1.000 – 2,000.00 € plus medications (around 300 €)
    • ICSI (conventional ICSI) approx. 2.500 – 3.500 € (based on ICSI for 5 egg cells) plus medications (1.000 – 2.500 €)
    • Mini-ICSI approx. 1.500 – 2.500 € plus medications (around 300 €),
    • Cryopreservation of fertilised egg cells (approx. 400 €)+19% VAT
    • Rent for a storage period of 6 months (125 €)+ 19% VAT
    • Frozen embryo cycles approx. 450 – 600 €, plus medication (30 – 500 €).
    • Sperm testing ca. 140 €
    • Treatment with donor semen

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    Jule | 11.01.2012

    My son was conceived thru IVF and equally due to expert care and kind attitude of Dr. Peet. He speaks fluent English so I never had any communication difficulties. I cannot say enough good things about the clinic and staff. Please except my gratitude and wellwishes!

    норка77 | 21.12.2011

    рекоммендую акупунктуру в качестве лечения от бесплодия; если не помогает, то хотя бы вселяет надежду..

    mimi11 | 06.12.2011

    Dr HALIS is great! Friendly and kind. More space in the clinic would be welcome I think but the overall impression is really nice.

    Emilia (from Valencia) | 27.10.2011

    Dear Dr Peet,

    Last year my granddaughter came to this world thanks to you! I wish all your patients and their families to be

    as happy as I am!


    Address:Friedrichstr. 79/Ecke Französische Strasse 10117, Berlin
    Phone:+49 (0) 30 – 832 11 90 – 0
    Fax:+49 (0) 30 – 832 11 90 – 19

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