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Premium Dental Health Center and Hospital

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Premium Dental Health Center and Hospital

Premium Dental is part of Semmelweis Medical University’s „Kútvölgyi” Premium Clinic and Health Centre and as such is offering high standard dental services with clinical background.
Our guests will find calm and stylish milieu with comforting surroundings. We are keen on giving an atmosphere that makes our guests relaxed and untroubled leaving all their fears behind.
Getting in to our surgeries you will experience a high degree of professionalism and clinical equipment which all guarantee the high standard of your treatment.

We are speaking English, German, French, Italian and Russian.
The green in the neighborhood outside is just encore.

  • You can ask to have your treatment under general anaesthesia. Your safety is ensured by Hungary’s most experienced anesthesiologists and one of the best-equipped hospitals in the country. After your treatment you can rest in a calm and comfortable resting room.
  • To get the most precise diagnosis before your treatment we are using panorama x-ray or Volumentomograph 3D if needed. Therefore you won’t have to search for your medical papers, all necessary tests and examinations can be carried out on the spot.
  • Our own technicians lab helps us to get the treatment plans prepared quickly and reliably. Thus you won’t need to make another appointment for consulting the technicians, they will see you there and then.
  • Your treatment is always done by a well trained clinical team. Therefore it is not only a nice place to come, but high professional standards and quality work are also warranted.


  • Dentistry

    Additional Amenities

    • Telephone
    • Implants and prosthetic dentistry
    • Dental treatment under general anaesthesia or even under hypnosis
    • Crowns and bridge restauration
    • 3D Volumentomograph diagnostics
    • In-house technicians support
    • University clinic background
    • Calm, green environment in a wonderful neighborhood
    • Individual treatment within the clinic and beyond
    • Short waiting period
    • Health tourism door-to-door services: airport transfer, accommodation, sight-seeing and more…
    Dr. UZSOKI Kálmán

    Dr. UZSOKI Kálmán

    Managing Director

    Speaks English

    Dr. ALTRICHTER Piroska

    Dr. ALTRICHTER Piroska

    Managing Dentist

    Speaks English, German and Italian

    Dr. ERDÉLYI Fruzsina

    Dr. ERDÉLYI Fruzsina


    Speaks  English and Italian

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    brit_2000 | 24.10.2011

    The doctor answered all my questions and I had a wonderful follow up.

    Better translation services would definitely be required but that was all compensated in full by friendliness and support of the staff.

    Иванка | 01.09.2011


    Я увидела клинику на Вашем сайте и обрадовалась, что могу оставить отзыв, поскольку на сайте Премиума такой возможности, к сожалению, нет. Чудный центр! Во время экскурсии в Будапеште (сама я из Харькова) я начала чувствовать определенный дискомфорт в области левой щеки. Как оказалось, у меня начал прорезаться зуб мудрости, который до этого никогда меня не беспокоил. Обратились в этот стоматологический центр, поскольку и до своего первого визита я уже слышала несколько позитивных отзывов, тем более, что Интернет сейчас заменяет любое справочное бюро. По прибытии врачи мне разрезали десну и, сделав местную анастезию, безболезненно удалили зуб. Как полагается, три часа без еды и питья. русскоязычный персонал мне не встретился, но, честное говоря, в Венгрии я его и не ожидала увидать! Зато с английским там не проблема, да и с немецким вроде как. Десна не опухала, ничего не болело. В самом центре все чистенько и сверкает.. спасибо венгерским стоматологам!

    Greg_event | 25.07.2011

    Good day!

    I'm British. Was on my way to Belorussia for business and made up my mind to drop in. It was rather nice to learn that I am not the only one speaking English here. I had a minor tooth decay removal but the overall impression was more than satisfactory. That was my first visit to Budapest, I've never been to any of Hungary before. But so far so good. Friendly staff, painless treatment, English speakers.

    Best regards

    Address:4 Kútvölgyi út, Budapest 1125, Hungary

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