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Rinecker Proton Therapy Center

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Rinecker Proton Therapy Center

The RINECKER PROTON THERAPY CENTER is the first European, clinically-operated proton radiation center for the treatment of cancer patients. It offers patients a unique opportunity in the irradiation of cancerous tumors through proton therapy and offers


Since it’s opening in March 2009 and till May 2011 it has successfully treated more than 600 patients from 32 different countries. With five treatment rooms, the center is designed for the treatment of over 4000 patients per year. The facility is CE-certificated and has been officially approved by the Bavarian Environment Agency. It is authorized to irradiate all tumors which were previously treated with X-rays and in accordance with international proton therapy plans. 

In this new treatment method high-energy proton beams are used to treat cancer. In contrast to the X-ray beams previously used in radiotherapy, protons can also be aimed at the tumor in the third dimension. This makes it possible to achieve high effective doses in the tumor while at the same time the side effects of the radiation can be kept to a minimum as the surrounding healthy tissue is largely unaffected.  Therefore especially children are given priority for treatment with proton therapy because it can significantly reduce the incidence of secondary tumors later in the child’s life caused by therapeutic radiation.

Proton therapy is especially suitable for tumors where X-ray treatment is difficult or impossible due to the associated side effects. Such tumors include:

  • Tumors in the head/neck areas
  • Tumors of the brain and base of skull
  • Ocular Tumors
  • Pulmonary and Liver Tumors
  • Tumors of the Abdomen and Pelvis
  • Prostate Carcinoma

Proton therapy is generally carried out as an outpatient. Patients and their relatives can be accommodated in the directly adjoining GUESTHOUSE AT RPTC. With its friendly atmosphere and beautiful location directly by the river Isar, this 3-4 star standard guesthouse helps to make the stay as pleasant as possible.

Through the also directly affiliated company PRO HEALTH COMPLETE CARE SERVICE GMBH an international patient service is also available, which on request will attend to organizational matters (e.g. immigration formalities, translation and interpreting services, alternative accommodation, all-round assistance right up to VIP service) as well as personal well-being.


  • Cancer Treatment

    Additional Amenities

    • Hotel for Attendants
    • Telephone
    • Television
    • Restaurant

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    Ирина, 39 лет | 11.01.2012

    У меня была обнаружена болезнь Иценко-Кушинга вызванная опухолью гипофиза. Рекомендована протонная терапия с однократным облучением. Перед началом лечения мне проводили протонное сканирование. Лечение абсолютно безболезненное, осложнения конечно были но минимальные, период реабилитации около недели, потом назначили поддерживающую терапию. Надо сказать эффект от протонного облучения наступил не сразу, гормональные нарушения постепенно уменьшались в течение полутора лет. Продолжаю наблюдаться. В Ринекере всем довольна, максимум комфорта и профессионализма. Лучше, конечно, если вы знаете английский, иначе нужен перевод.

    Vick_Mart | 21.12.2011

    I have no experience with the clinic itself, but stayed at Rinecker Proton Therapy Centre Guest house. It is a bit away from the center (6 metro stops), in a peaceful location by the channel and River park — a nice place for walks, jogging. Clean spacious rooms with modern facilities, reasonable prices, corteous service, free underground parking, free internet, free buffet breakfast, gym. There were rather a few patients. A very good option if you want to stay away from the center or city hotels are booked out.

    Victoria | 29.08.2011

    Good afternoon!

    I was undergoing treatment at Rinecker Proton Therapy Center for the first time last year after attending another hospital for seven years. What I liked here was enjoyable attitude and treatment. Not mentioning pain, it was really nice to meet you all. It was a pleasure to see so many caring and committed doctors dealing with uneasy patients suffering from cancer.


    Address:135 Schäftlarnstrasse, Munich DE-81371, Germany

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