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Saint James Hospital

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Saint James Hospital

Saint James Hospital Group provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services – from simple blood tests to diagnostic scans, from cosmetic surgery to dental services, from hair removal by laser to complex surgery.

Saint James Hospital is ranked amongst the top private healthcare organizations on the Maltese Islands. The Hospital was the brainchild of Dr Josie Muscat, the present Chairman of the group, and was founded in 1984.

The Hospital’s vision has always been to provide a centre of excellence in the healthcare sector and this revolves around four fundamental principles, namely

  • Patients
  • Technology
  • Staff
  • Leading Consultants

The Saint James Hospital Group presently owns and runs an 80-bed hospital in Sliema, a 17-bed hospital in Zabbar, a dedicated cosmetic dermatology clinic under the name of Transforma in Attard, an outpatient clinic in Mosta, a Hospital in Tripoli Libya and an Eye Clinic in Hungary.

A dedicated Eye Clinic is incorporated within the Sliema hospital.

Technology introduces new avenues in healthcare and medicine and it is here that the Saint James Hospital Group strives to offer a superior service to its patients by continuously investing in the latest equipment for both diagnostic investigations as well as for surgical procedures. Amongst the latest state of the art equipment, the Group boasts a 4 D ultrasound, a comprehensive digital radiology system, laser assisted surgery, an A.R.T. (infertility) laboratory, PET CT Scanner, MRI and Spiral CT scan, and a GAMMA camera unit, to name a few. Modern analysis techniques are used in our pathology laboratories.

All private rooms are single, ensuite, with colour cable tv, telephone, variable height and multi-section beds to ensure maximum comfort for patients, airconditioning, piped medical gases, and nurse-call system, thereby keeping patients in constant contact with the nursing staff. A resident medical doctor is on duty within the hospital on a 24hr, round the clock, basis. Some private rooms have direct monitoring facilities linked to a central monitoring system on the main nurses’ station. Overnight facilities for relatives/carers are provided. Wireless internet network connection for laptop computers is also available.

The Sliema Hospital occupies a strategic position within this central location, with many rooms facing seaward, commanding beautiful views of the Mediterranean. Top quality hotels, restaurants, shops, banking services, supermarkets, beaches and a beautiful promenade are all in the vicinity of the hospital.

Our goal is to provide the community we serve with the finest care available. We believe that paying close attention to patients’ comfort at all times promotes a speedy recovery. A wholly supportive environment is offered through administrative efficiency.

The Hospital is easily accessible by public transport.


  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Cardiology (Heart Care)
  • Dentistry
  • Eye Care
  • Health Checkup General
  • Infertility Treatment

Additional Amenities

  • Hotel for Attendants
  • Telephone
  • Television
  • Restaurant

Our surgical procedures cover a wide spectrum of needs and aim to provide the best facilities and the optimal treatment patients may require. These range from hip replacements, hernia repairs, cataract removal to cosmetic and plastic surgery, cardiac surgery, ENT, gynae, urology, orthopaedic, ophthalmic, and laparoscopic surgery and much more. A day-case surgery division, including a paediatric and adult endoscopy unit, has been incorporated within the Sliema Hospital.

  • Outpatients (with the regular availability of specialists spanning a comprehensive range of medical specialties)
  • 24-hour IMCU (Immediate Medical Care Unit) at the Sliema and Zabbar Hospitals
  • Ambulance Service
  • Health Screening
  • Heart & Lung Unit
  • Fertility Unit – A.R.T
  • C.I.C.U (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit)
  • Dental & Implantology
  • Maternity Unit
  • Medical Laboratory Services
  • Dialysis Unit
  • Physiotherapy
  • Eye Clinic - performing a full range of eye surgeries including Excimer Eye Laser
  • Operating Theatres wherein a full range of surgeries are performed
  • Endoscopy Unit
  • Radiology Unit including a PET CT Scanner
  • 4D Ultrasound
  • Transforma – a specially dedicated Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic
  • Jamesco Trading (purchasing Dept)
  • In-House Catering

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Emily H | 27.04.2011

Huge clinic with caring hygiene-conscious staff. I've been to their eye clinic twice and seems like they've got some really professional docs as I haven't had a chance to complaints so far. Greetings!

Address:SLM 1807, George Borg Olivier Street, Sliema, Malta

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