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Sanus Sanatorium

Czech Republic
Hradec Králové
73262 5
Sanus Sanatorium

Sanatorium SANUS was founded in 1995 in Hradec Kralové where is based today the headquarter of the company comprising primarily IVF unit as well as departments of gynecological surgery, urology and cosmetic surgery. Other 2 company branches which run only centers of assisted reproduction were founded in Pardubice (2004) and Jihlava (2006). SANUS has become holder of international certificate of quality - ISO 9001 in 2005 in all 3 IVF units. All units provide complex approach to infertility treatment and they offer all standard methods of assisted reproduction. We accomplish more than 1500 IVF cycles every year and our staff boasts of experience exceeding 16 000 IVF cycles in total since 1995. Our success rate ranges between around 40% of clinical pregnancy per embryo transfer and 25-35% per cryoembyotransfer.

In our units you encounter a friendly, patient-oriented professional attitude of the whole staff. All decisions regarding your treatment will be mutually agreed upon. If you decide to undergo treatment in one of our facilities, we should greatly appreciate collaboration with your gynecologist. Treatment protocol will be tailored to your individual needs and requirements. We shall assist you to arrange your stay in the selected city and organize any optional program. We speak Czech and English and we collaborate with coordinators communicating in German, French and Russian.

Hradec Králové, Pardubice and Jihlava may be reached by car on the highway from Prague and by car it takes about 1,5 hours to all 3 cities. Eastern Bohemia is the region rich on cultural and historical monuments as well as on natural beauties.


  • Infertility Treatment

    Additional Amenities

    • Telephone
    • Television
    • Restaurant
    • IVF+ET
    • ICSI
    • IUI
    • Egg and sperm donation
    • Embryo donation
    • Microsurgical retrieval of sperm from testis (MESA, TESE)
    • Kryopreservation of sperms and embryos
    • Kryoembryotransfer (KET)
    • PGD
    • Gynecological Surgery
    • 3D ultrasound

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    Ricardo H. | 17.01.2012

    We are a German couple and were attempting to become parents for 5 years, to no avail. We were diagnosed with infertility and IVF with donor eggs was our only option. We were looking for a smaller center with more friendly and individual approach, and with strong professional background. For these reasons our choice fell on Sanus in Hradec Kralove. The other reason was pricing which is understandably lower in the Czech Republic. Our treatment was supervised by Dr Vaclav Silhan, who speaks fluent English, as do most of the staff. He made the whole process smooth explaining each step, being very patient, understanding and precise. Sanus staff made sure every step of our treatment proceeded with comfort and in a very relaxed manner. They arranged transportation from the airport and helped with accommodation. Marthe got pregnant from the first attempt and delivered our baby boy successfully. We are both overjoyed and very grateful to the clinic and especially Dr Silhan.

    All the very best,

    Ricardo and Marthe

    Helena | 19.08.2011

    Volám sa Helena a pracujem ako učiteľka angličtiny v Bratislave. Okolnosti ma donútili obrátiť sa na sanatórium Sanus, pretože sama som nemohla donosiť dieťa. Veľmi mi pomohli ich lekári, vďaka ktorým si spolu s manželom môžeme vychutnávať radosť z rodičovstva. Narodilo sa nám prekrásne bábätko.

    Marek Lovic | 04.08.2011

    Ahoj všichni!

    Já a moje manželka opustila Česká republika před 20 lety. Nedávno jsme slyšeli o IVF centra SANUS od našich přátel. Během naší dovolené jsme se vydali do Hradce Králové, aby viděli, co je tam! Mohu vám říci, že satanorium splňuje všechny naše očekávání spolu s lékaři a službami .. Dokonce i nyní Regina (moje žena) vypráví svým přátelům o vynikajících Sanus léčbu neplodnosti může nabídnout. Doufám, že sanatorium pomůže mnoha lidem, kteří vědí, jaké to je nemít děti.

    S pozdravem

    Marek Lovic

    Ralf & Ladislava S. (Germany&CZ) | 22.04.2011

    We were married for 4 years and no luck with becoming parents. As both working professionals, we didn’t want a kid for the first two years. After that when we planned for the child we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Although it was a disheartening moment, we decided to look for other ways to have a child. We chose the IVF way and searched for a suitable medical centre. From the very beginning we were sure that we want to go to a small centre with a familiar atmosphere where we can hope on very individual and friendly approach as well as professional treatment. That is why we decided to go to the SANUS IVF centre in Hradec Kralove. For the first meeting my husband and I visited the clinic together. As my husband is German, he was very happy to find out that doctor Silhan speaks fluent English, which made the communication much more comfortable. The whole IVF process went off well and when I got tested exactly 14 days after the embryo transfer, the result was positive and my husband and I have no words to describe our joy at knowing I was pregnant. A few months later we were able to hold our healthy little baby boy in our arms. We would like to thank all the staff and doctors at SANUS, especially Dr. Silhan. and made me feel comfortable during my visits.

    We recommend the SANUS IVF centre in Hradec Kralove if anyone wants to undergo fertility treatment in Czech Republic.

    Afroditi from UK | 22.04.2011

    After a 10 year period of trials, first in UK and then in Greece, we decided to have one more trial in Chech Republic. The whole package including a beautiful hotel recommended by the clinic, was approximately £1500. So cheap that we decided to use the opportunity as a 9 days holidays. The clinic arranged everything. Even the medication prior to our visit, was sent by post while a full telephone and email communication with the doctor was established at all times. Upon our arrival at the airport, a car that was sent by the clinic, transfered us at the clinic location. The bulding of the clinic was by a river and a small forest park. It was magic location and everything was spotless clean. The attented doctor, was a very nice young male, while the whole staff, insiped us confidence from the first moment. After 10 fruitless years, I am pregnant, running the 4rth month of pregnancy. I must say and emphasise that the whole treatment was a little different from the last 5 attempts but the outcome it was a healthy embryo.

    We recommend the clinic to those couples who are attempting for the first time, because they will save money and suffer less stres at the end of the day, as well to those couples who are in a stage of giving up and lost faith.

    We promised ourselves to spend at least ten days, after the child is born, to visit the doctor and have also a baby check up too. The clinic covers not only IVF treatments but many specialities including plastic, and cosmetic surgery. I would love to have a few sun patches from my forhead removed and make my wife smile.

    Country:Czech Republic
    Address:Labská kotlina I/1220, 500 02 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

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