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Scanmed Hospital

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Scanmed St. Raphael Hospital

Scanmed St. Raphael Hospital (Scanmed Szpital św. Rafała) in Cracow is regarded as one of the most modern medical centres in Poland, with an excellent safety record. When initially opened, there were wards for General and Plastic Surgery, a centre for Traumatology and Sports Surgery, a modern Operating Unit with four operating theatres, a Central Sterilization Station and a Pharmacy. The Scanmed St. Raphael Hospital in Cracow has a recognized team of medical doctors and nurses, supported by other medical professions, who have gained their clinical experience at the best hospitals in Poland and abroad.

The surgical team at Scanmed St. Raphael Hospital specializes in, above all, laparoscopic and proctologic surgery, e.g. gall bladder, appendix, abdominal hernia, varicose veins, etc. and the treatment of varicose veins in the legs. Other more conventional procedures performed at the hospital include those related to gastroenterological, thyroid and breast surgery.

The orthopaedic team of Scanmed St. Raphael Hospital specialises in total hip and knee replacement and arthroplasty, using both cemented and non-cemented techniques, with a particular emphasis on short-stem prostheses and hip resurfacing. Certain modern implant endoprotheses are used in both the more conventional and less invasive operations with the aid of computer navigation. Additionally, the following procedures are also carried out, namely investigative surgery on knee and hip joints, arthroscopies on joints, modern techniques in the treatment of limb injuries as well as operations to hands and feet.

The Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Trauma Centre is a specialist unit offering complex medical care to sportsmen of many disciplines, whether they are professional or not. The anaesthesiology team at the hospital ensures the highest quality of medical care in the Anaesthetic and Intensive Care Unit thanks to the wide professional experience of the staff and the modern medical equipment.

The Scanmed Hospital of St. Raphael applies internationally recognised procedures and standards of practice which improve the quality of treatment and patient safety such as, for instance, perioperative control recommended by the World Health Organisation, procedures for vein prophylaxis in thrombosis and prevention of infections. The quality of the medical treatments carried out at Scanmed is monitored by the Scientific Council, which consists of experts in the field of medicine.

We provide:

  • hospital treatment and outpatient procedures,
  • professional medical staff,
  • high quality service,
  • equipment meeting international standards
  • accommodation in a comfortable room (VIP class), with access to the Internet, TV, telephone
  • service in the patient's native language


  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Cardiology (Heart Care)
  • Eye Care
  • General Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Orthopaedics/Joint Replacement
  • Rehabilitation
  • Urology & Andrology

Additional Amenities

  • Hotel for Attendants
  • Telephone
  • Television
  • Restaurant

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Orty Zakos | 16.03.2012

greetings to dr pluta!!! you ROCK!

Esko | 16.03.2012

Tack så mycket, Piotr Jakubik. Du gjorde mig frisk.

Вадим Жихновський | 16.03.2012

нещодавно їздили з дружиною до Кракова саме у цю лікарню на операцію. після лікування вже не ношу лінзи, бо усіх бачу:)!! українською вони там взагалі не спілкуються, але англійська не проблема.

Валерий | 14.12.2011

Доброго времени суток!

Я проходил лечение в больнице в мае - неврология. Хочу сказать, что не ожидал от польской больницы такого уровня. Медсестрички внимательные, пунктуальные, на все вопросы отвечали. Как-то по-домашнему. Единственное неудобство в том, что находится больница не в столице, где я обычно нахожусь. Поэтому пришлось испытать некоторые трудности при переезде.

Благодарю др.Клауса за лечение и профессионализм.

Antonio | 18.10.2011

I am lucky to have undergone the knee replacement surgery last year in Scanmed. Without it, I think I would have to give up my favorite sports like squash and swimming. Where has my long-term knee pain gone? I don't want to know..! but it works really well. Incomparable with other physiotherapy at all. Would love to have a little bit more attention in between the rehabilitation sessions. Overall impression is excellent! Thanks.

евгений | 16.10.2011

у меня шейная невралгия,хочу приехать в польшу на обследование и лечение,в центр или клинику нейрохирургии.Помогите мне пожалуста

anonymous | 29.08.2011

Clean place. Exceptionally polite. Would be nice if they improved the waiting times, however.

katarina | 26.08.2011

It has definitely been the best decision for me to come and treat my heart in the hospital. About a month after my treatment I had a long flight to Singapore and I didn’t have to worry about anything. I wasn't running out of breath while climbing up the stairs and had no pain in my heart anymore.

Thanks a lot to Scanmed!

Lida | 25.07.2011

Dziękuję za leczenie!

Address:12 Bochenka St., Kraków 30-693, Poland

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