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Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket

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Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket

The first destination spa conceived by Six Senses brings together 15 years of experience as a global leader to create the premier destination spa of the 21st century.

The spa programmes at Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket combine innovative and ancient holistic treatments with expert guidance from in-house and external wellness consultants. These are supported by healthy organic cuisine, a wide range of wellness activities, intuitive service and warm Thai hospitality. 

The Six Senses Sanctuary concept of wellness goes well beyond the usual instant gratification by delivering excellent and results-oriented therapies and helping guests make sustainable changes towards healthier lifestyles that will continue into the future.  It is all about encouraging guests to gain perspective on their wellbeing and providing them with knowledge and practical tools so they can avoid the need for remedies and maintain high levels of health.  As they say at the Six Senses Sanctuary: “consultation is the starting point, prevention is the key and education is the prescription”.

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Six Senses Sanctuary features world-class services and facilities with innovative concepts and a diverse range of activities.  It provides a focus on personal development through interrelated physical and experiential activities.

Six Senses Sanctuary is defined by an innovative and highly evocative concept that embraces the themes of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and Thai inspired architecture and uses Feng Shui to create environmental and spiritual harmony. The facility covers an area of over three thousand square metres.

In addition to a variety of holistic treatments, guests can enjoy more physical activities and programmes including Kinesis functional training, physiotherapy, two gymnasia – one of which is to be found in the natural surroundings of the jungle, meditation sessions which take place on a small islet, bootcamp sessions on the beach and an organically shaped lap pool.

The fundamental element of the Sanctuary is to take guests a step beyond balancing the senses and to create an opportunity for lifelong life-enrichment.

Six Senses Sanctuary also offers endless opportunities to meet the challenges of life and explore the potential you hold within. Whether you are an individual, a couple, a family or group seeking a lifestyle transformation towards total wellness, the essence of our approach is always characterized within the five realms of wellbeing. These themes are integrated into a holistic approach to wellness that we call Life Passages – wellness programs that inspire every guest to realize their fullest potential in the present moment. These include: Detox & Purify, Fitness & Weight Loss, Enriching Beauty, Couple’s Choice, Option to Wellness and De-stress & Energise.

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Анна, Ярослав, Киев | 21.07.2011

Для нас с мужем курорт Six Senses Sanctuary — это место самых дорогих воспоминаний. Мы долго выбирали куда отправиться на медовый месяц, и нам очень приглянулся этот курорт. Наш друг-гурман ездил туда, привез массу впечатлений. Мы выбрали вариант организованного тура на ноябрь, когда как раз в Пукете начинается сухой сезон. Мы поселились в Hill Pool Villa – это целое уединенное поместье в 450кв.м., в очень «органическом» стиле, но со всеми удобствами, открытой ванной, бассейном, парной, садиком, фрукты и травы в саду, натуральные средства ухода за телом. Конечно, мы насладились и массажем, и спа-процедурами, и свежеприготовленными блюдами из морепродуктов и экологически чистых овощей и фруктов, которые выращивают на территории курорта. Но главное – там отдыхает душа, можно действительно окунуться в тишину, созерцание красоты и блаженный покой, не опасаясь что кто-то побеспокоит. Это были 7 дней в раю! Мы конечно же возвратимся еще, на какую-нибудь нашу важную годовщину.

Address:32 Moo 5, Tambol Paklok, Amphur Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand

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