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Spotykach Restaurant

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Spotykach Restaurant

Kiev downtown welcomed a new restaurant that is quite different from others. It has a rib-tickling name SPOTYKACH, bright capital city character and unique spirit inherited from Thaw period of Ukrainian history. And the main thing is that guests of the restaurant will get acquainted with the exceptional concept of cuisine, every dish of which is a carefully recreated culinary masterpiece of Soviet times. But first things first...

Atmosphere:  the spirit of the capital city

There are lots of venues that can satisfy any demanding taste in our city. There are expensive and pretentious along with simple and democratic. But there are few places where one can come at any time and in any state of mind to enjoy absolute comfort with a light nostalgia and a distinct taste of authenticity. Here you are always a welcomed guest. The place has a touch of affected theatricality as this is a real life - a bit decorated for a special effect for the restaurant to be truly unique.

When entering SPOTYKACH it seems to dive you into the epoch of the sixtieth of the XX century and welcome you as a guest of the era that was a period of thaw and hopes. The tables are full of ordinary dishes that later on have become exotics; it’s long before Prohibition and Kyiv Dynamo has just come to the fore in the Championship of the USSR. There are plenty of reasons to have a shot in SPOTYKACH and one should take the best of it!

Symbolism: the hero of the epoch!

On the facade of the new restaurant located at the corner of Vladimirska Street and Velyka Zhytomyrska Street a smiling bald man looking very similar to Khrushchev meets the visitors. The spirit of Nikita Sergeyevich fills the venue. The eye catches a biting slogan: "Catch up and surpass!" However, the creators of the restaurant managed to look beyond corn.  Khrushchev style, kept in the most elegant manner, is represented in every corner of the place from the decorated entrance to the details in serving.

Each and every little thing sends a visitor back to a glorious time which for many people is now associated with their school years, birth of the first love, and other pleasurable moments. So, we open the menu styled as the legendary "Book of tasty and healthy food" and start reading...

Cuisine: Exhibition of Achievements

Yes, SPOTYKACH does have reasons to be proud! World’s famous culinary hits of the Soviet era were carefully gathered in one menu. The dishes that some time later will be referred to as “the classics of Ukrainian cuisine of the Soviet Period” are listed on the menu while the process of reading awakes the appetite. The list of salads is quite traditional including herring under a fur coat, Olivier, Capital Mimosa, vinaigrette with beans and a dozen of other titles. While you keep flipping over the pages of the menu other far more pleasant discoveries unfold. For example, herring with anchovies with potatoes and onions, or fried pike-perch with mushrooms in pancakes. Metropolitan restaurant crowd, having satiated with newfangled delights, would inevitably get back to simple pleasures, which have surely become a trump ace of SPOTYKACH restaurant.

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Verelst Dirk | 05.07.2011

Fantastic Restaurant !!! The best in Kiev !

Address:16 Vladimirska St., Kiev, Ukraine
Phone:+38(0)44 586 40 95
Web:Official Website

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