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Vertebralia Center of Spine Excellence

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Vertebralia Center of Spine Excellence

Vertebralia a unique innovative concept for holistic treatment of back pain disorders new in Poland!

Vertebralia Center of Spine Excellence is a private clinic for the integrated treatment of all kinds of spinal and disc diseases. By analyzing causes of pain, not only symptoms we strive to restore our patients’ health and quality of life in the fastest possible way.

We are familiar with all proven treatments and especially focus on interventional pain therapy and minimal‐invasive procedures in order to avoid open back surgery. The most important element of the first consultation is the physical examination, which follows special guidelines, based on 20 years of experience in our Austrian clinic. X‐ray MRI and CT scans are analyzed in the second step and aligned with the findings from the physical examination. Based on the diagnostic findings the treatment strategy is developed individually for every single patient.

Our team in Vertebralia consist of doctors from different disciplines dealing with spine problems, physiotherapists and masseurs, who all speak English ‐ but contrary to usual pain clinics the team is led by a disease manager, who is bearing the full responsibility for the patient, throughout the entire treatment period in Vertebralia.

The therapy in Vertebralia includes infiltrations, blockages, electrotherapy, manual therapy and massages among others. A new device called the SPINELINER has proven to be very successful. The Spineliner is an electronic therapy assistant. In the first step all segments of the musculoskeletal system of the spine are analysed and graphically displayed on a monitor to assist therapists in their diagnosis. During treatment the structures, which are not functioning are oscillated as per the structure’s natural frequencies – this occurs through the use of gentle mechanical impulses.

Apart from that Vertebralia clinics have a fully equipped fitness center focused on the training of the profound and superficial muscles of the fuselage area, which is of great importance for the rehabilitation, but also prevention. With special machines called Back‐Check and Medi‐Mouse we analyze the muscular and bone structure of the back. Based on those findings our physiotherapists develop an individual training plan.

Our holistic approach of the treatment of spinal diseases – the Vertebralia Way ‐ following the idea of a One‐Stop‐Shop is unique not only in Warsaw, but also throughout Poland. Because of that, we also offer packages for medical tourists. Together with our partner the Intercontinetal Hotel Warsaw, we developed a package, which includes 2 hours of treatments in Vertebralia every day, throughout a week, and four nights stay at Intercontinental Hotel. In the future the development of further clinics in Poland is planned. Next destinations will be Wroclaw, Szczecin, Krakow and Katowice.


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