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Initial Doctor’s Consultation and Appointment

Initial doctor’s consultation and appointment are vital before the prescription of any treatment course or checkup programme abroad. During the first conversation, via Skype in particular, the doctor  clarifies the reason of visit, the rate of urgency of medical aid or service needed, state of health, medical problems diagnosed and colleague opinions, patient preferences, etc. During the conversation, the patient also puts questions of interest, usually of organizational nature.

Already during the first appointment, the doctor performs a thorough examination, palpation, auscultation, percussion, finds out the external signs of a disease, and pays attention to the colour and state of skin, mucous membranes, presence of eruptions, swellings, and checks for any dysfunctions of organs or body parts. The initial examination can show, whether there are any pathological enlargements of lymph glands, internal organs, body parts, whether there are any dysfunctions of organs and systems. Already after the initial examination, the doctor is often able to put a diagnosis and prescribe treatment, discover the urgency of required hospitalization, surgical intervention, etc. If any difficulties arise in putting a main diagnosis and designing a treatment (checkup) plan, the doctor may appoint the second course of analyses, diagnostic examinations, and tests.

It is recommended to bring to an appointment  or submit in advance the following documents:

  • the most complete medical records (it can provide the information on previous diseases, allergies and atypical reactions, chronic diseases and impaired development, previously conducted (prescribed) methods of treatment and checkup, etc.);
  • recent opinions of a treating physician or diagnostician (you should submit documents with full and complete description of a diagnosis, prescribed treatment, results of performed tests and analyses);
  • radiology (results of all performed visualized examinations — USD, X-rays, MRI, CT, PET).

During the appointment, the patient (accompanying person) should necessarily tell every detail about his health, and put as many questions to the doctor as possible, in particular:

  • any possible risks and allowable complications;
  • who will prescribe and control the whole further process of treatment (checkup), perform surgical interventions, etc.;
  • presumable duration of the whole treatment (checkup) process and rehabilitation;
  • the proper way to prepare to procedures, special recommendations and instructions for the patient;
  • duration of recuperation process.

Also, try to learn all possible information about your treating physician — exactly the person responsible for your health and the result of the treatment process. Inquire where he has received education and his qualification, whether, apart from the diploma, he has any certificates of advanced training, whether he is member of any national and international associations, the number of patients with similar cases in his medical practice.

If you require help in organising a consultation and/or appointment at medical centres presented in our Directory or on our Website, apply to online support.

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