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Modern dentistry applies all innovative scientific and technological developments, which allow expert dentists to cure diseases, remove the imperfections and defects of tooth alignment, and what’s more, to enhance the natural beauty of each smile.

Various dentistry services for medical tourists/overseas patients are offered nowadays in clinics of almost all the countries in the world. Dental travel are often combine them with recreation at resorts because such services are not very time-consuming. This is the reason dentistry services, above all for aesthetic purposes, are one of the most popular procedures of medical tourism.  

Modern dentistry for overseas patients includes:

  • therapeutic dentistry (conservative dental treatment of caries, pulpitis);
  • periodontal diseases (treatment and prevention of tooth attachment apparatus – organs and tissues surrounding the tooth);
  • surgical dentistry;
  • orthopaedic dentistry (recovery, prosthetics, implantation);
  • endodontology (root canal treatment);
  • aesthetic dentistry (tooth whitening, artistic restoration, invisible braces, decorative tooth adornments);
  • child dentistry.

The use of state-of-the-art technologies substantially increases dental treatment effectiveness, minimizes unpleasant and painful sensations for the patient during the procedure, and brings about quick recovery, that is why dentistry abroad is the most demanded among foreign patients.

Dentistry specialists apply innovative technologies and materials, in particular:

  • ceramic materials for tooth restoration without using metals;
  • systems for producing metal-free constructions;
  • controlled 3-dimensional ultrasound micro vibrations;
  • personalized systems based on automated design and production;
  • invisible braces systems;
  • 3D systems, which allow reproducing the patient’s jawbone model in 3D format, and much more.

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