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Dermatology is a branch of medicine, which studies structure, functions and diseases of skin, its appendages (hair, nails) and mucous coat, and also methods of prevention and treatment of skin diseases.  

Some of the most widespread dermatologic diseases are pustular, parasitic and mucous skin diseases, virus dermatosis, lichen, eczema, psoriasis, diseases of hair, sweat and oil glands, and vitiligo (pigmentation disorder).

The most effective methods of skin disease treatment are offered in the clinics of Israel, Turkey, Hungary, Jordan, Germany, Egypt, Italy, and Cuba.

Successful and effective treatment of skin diseases depends largely on early diagnostics and further prevention treatment of a disease.

Modern dermatology takes a wholistic approach to resolving a person’s skin problems. At the initial stage of any treatment and recovery process a complex check-up is performed, including laboratory tests and diagnostic examinations. The purpose of examinations is to detect the real reason of disease and further eliminate not just local skin affection, but the systemic disturbance in the organism as well. Patient suffering from skin disease of varying severity is usually prescribed medicament and non-medicament therapy combined with special diet. Such combination of external and internal impact factors is in most cases essential to achieve complete recovery.

Achievements of modern microbiology, immunology and biochemistry make it possible to diagnose a disease at an early stage, conduct successful and painless treatment. Today’s dermatologist employs a whole range of innovative developments and pharmacologic medications of the new generation. They include laser, radio- and phototherapy, digital skin visualization with video microscopic equipment and the following computer processing of results, cryo technologies, pharmacological drugs and medications for external application.

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