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Antigua And Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

Region: between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean

Area: 442 sq. km

Capital: Saint John's

Major cities: Saint John’s

Climate: all year round average midday temperature is 27°C while night temperatures drop to about 20°C; afternoon showers can be expected during the rainy season (mid-September to November) followed by somewhat cooler season December through March

Languages spoken: English

Religion: Christianity

Local time: GMT-04

Calling code: +1-268

Currency: East Caribbean dollar

Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express

Visa: not required for EU, US, Israeli, and CIS citizens. For more details please visit

Transport: air transport, motor transport, water transport

International airports (cities): St. John's, Codrington

Photos by Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority

The quality of medical services and attendance provided by medical centres of Antigua and Barbuda come as a pleasant surprise. In 1998, this country’s government set a course for achieving international standards of medical services in the Caribbean region. For 13 years already, over 10 medical centres deliver almost a full range of medical services to the residents and visitors of the country. These centres have created an autonomous and up-to-date health care system in the small island state.

As part of this programme, the most technologically advanced Caribbean hospital, St. Johns Medical Centre was constructed. Today it actually shapes the country’s medical policy. Along with other hospitals the Centre specializes in the following fields: oncology, non-invasive cardiology, neurology, and the perfected dialysis procedure. Patients with any diagnose can access cutting-edge methods of accurate diagnostics and treatment, successfully combining them with resort recreation on the Caribbean sea beaches. This, in its turn, facilitates better treatment results and speeds up rehabilitation process.

Although the country is situated on two very small islands, a famous singer and guitarist Eric Clapton has chosen this very locale for opening a new rehabilitation centre for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Apart from social adaptation methods and other rehabilitation techniques, climatotherapy and diet therapy also aid in faster recovery.

Relatively high cost of medical services in this island state is justified by the application of state-of-the-art achievements in medical science and technology, as well as convenient location.


Practically all regions of Antigua and Barbuda offer the possibilities of health resort recreation. For many decades at a row, spa services applying sea, mineral water, seaweed, and therapeutic muds are most in demand among the visitors of this insular state.

Therapeutic and recovery resorts of Antigua and Barbuda largely avail of the advantages of their climatic conditions (climatotherapy). Staying here is recommended for preventive treatment of diseases of endocrine, cardio-vascular, and nervous system, as well as musculoskeletal apparatus.

Resorts with thalassotherapy and balneology enjoy vast popularity among tourists coming for recreation to the country’s capital Saint John’s and to the island of Barbuda. These recovery methods are especially effective for prevention of diseases of the thyroid gland, digestive organs, and in case of infection in the urinary tract. Another sought-for method of recovery is mud baths which are widely represented in spa centres and sanatoria primarily in the capital. Most spa centres of Antigua and Barbuda offer various cosmetic and rejuvenation procedures applying exotic fruits, and different kinds of massage.

Spa centres and hotels located right on the Atlantic and the Caribbean coast offer particularly comfortable accommodation and conditions of stay. Each morning here starts with a bath adding essential oils, revitalizing massage, and yoga or meditations. Purification and refreshment after therapeutic muds, wraps with seaweed, and massages with flower oils, combined with fresh air of the island and unique energetic of sea water help the organism to quickly replenish vital forces and renew lost strength.

3*- from €130;

4*- from €390;

5*- from €500.


Fungi & pepperpot (thick vegetable stew that is made with yam, salted meat, served with Antiguans’ cornmeal), ducana (dumplings made of sweet potatoes, coconut and nutmeg), curry goat as well as clams and lobsters.


Great Bird Island (81 sq. km of virgin vegetation, the only place on Earth where you can see an Antiguan Racer in the wild), Dow’s Hill (good place to explore the island’s history including information on the early Amerindians and the impact of slavery on local culture and economy), St John’s Cathedral (the church was originally built in 1683 and appears on many post cards brought from or purchased in Antigua and Barbuda). 

Еxcursions in glass-bottomed boats to view the reef, the Market in St John’s (excellent location to enjoy things made by local artists and producers), Indian Town (Antigua’s national park with Devil’s Bridge), Redonda (uninhabited rocky island with goats, lizards, seabirds, and extinct burrowing owls).

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