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Argentine Republic/República Argentina

Region: South America

Area: 2 766 890 km²

Capital: Buenos Aires

Major cities: Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario

Climate: tropical, subtropical and temperate

Languages spoken: Spanish

Religion: Roman Catholicism

Local time: GMT-3

Calling code: +54

Currency: peso

Credit cards: American Express, Visa, Master Card

Visa: not required for EU, US, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, Japan nationals for a stay up to 90 days. For more details please visit

Transport: air transport, rail transport, motor transport, water transport

International airports (cities): Mar del Plata, Formosa, El Calafate, Corrientes, Cordoba, Comodoro Rivadavia

Photos by Lucien Alvarez Salichs

During the latest years, Argentina has actively maintained the status of an international medical provider. Aesthetic surgery is the most demanded medical field in Argentina. It is followed by bariatric surgery and aesthetic dentistry.

In the sphere of medical tourism both private and state medical and recovery providers operate. Medical tourism in Argentina has received official government support.

Buenos Aires became widely renowned in the world, among other reasons, owing to the developed system of health care institutions, skilled and skillful doctors, and high standards of medical services fully compliant with modern European standards.

Average prices for aesthetic surgery are 50%, lower than in the USA, 20-30% lower than in Canada and Western European countries. Prices for bariatric surgery in Argentina are 70% lower than in the USA, 50-60% lower than in Canada, the UK, and Western European countries. The cost of dental services is 60-70% lower than in the USA, and 40-50% lower than in Canada and Western European countries.

Recommended time for treatment: March, April, May, September, October, November.

Argentina is the place to enjoy the scenic views of the Pampas, glaciers, waterfalls and rapid rivers, visit wildlife sanctuary parks with unique flora and fauna, plunge into the rhythms of tango, savour the immaculate taste of mate tea, have a wonderful rest and recover. This country has excellent beaches, mountain-climatic, balneological, and spa resorts.  

The town of Villavicencio is among the major balneological and mountain-climatic resorts of Argentina. Mineral waters and clean mountain air are local natural healing factors.

Termas de Copahue resort is known for its hot spring. Its waters are applied for treating many diseases, as well as for recovery, general invigorating, and cosmetological purposes.

San Carlos de Bariloche is another famous resort of Argentina. It holds one of the largest national parks of the country, Los Arrayanes National Park. Magnificent lakes, forests, clean fresh air are best suited for recovery, strengthening your immunity, and replenishing forces. Moreover, here is the location of the unique Chilean Myrtle forest occupying 12 hectares. That is why this is an ideal place for recreation and chronic respiratory disease treatment.

The small town of El Calafate is situated on the lake shore, not far from the national park of Lago Argentino with its 13 majestic glaciers. Here, amidst the forest, there are camping sites and cottages offering their visitors one-of-a-kind recovery and relaxing spa procedures right out in the open air.

Mar del Plata and Miramar are top popular resorts of the country located on the Atlantic coast and annually receiving thousands of overseas guests. Water temperature rarely rises above 22°С which is why solar baths enjoy more popularity, as well as luxury spa procedures offered in local hotels and spa centres. Wine therapy is the most demanded among them. As is generally known, grape produces a favourable effect on the skin, returns its tonus, improves blood circulation, and relieves stress. Before the procedures, a special scrub of grape seeds is rubbed into the body. The next step is a bath with a mixture of red wines followed by a wrap applying grape seed oil. The procedure is concluded with a massage — relaxing or revitalizing, by the patient’s choice. You can also take a bath of thermal water with wine extract; luxuriate in a wrap procedure with warm wine yeast, honey, and oils. And after that you are sure to receive all-time sensations and immaculate results!

3* - from €37;

4* - from €80;

5* - from €140.

Fried, boiled, stewed and   smoked shrimps, spicy oysters; mustard chicken; steamed chickens with champignons, paprika, almonds, greenery. 647 Dinner Club is one of the most popular restaurants of Buenos Ayres. This restaurant offers incredible menu that keeps making clients happy. Among the most popular dishes are wonderful steaks, especially steak Rib Eye. 

La Boca old district (Buenos Ayres), Plaza de Mayo square (Buenos Ayres), Plaza de la República square (Buenos Aires).

February-March: Tango festival (Buenos Aires),  Luis Palau (Mendos); popular sea resort Mar del Plata located in 400 km south to Buenos Ayres; National Park Nahuel Huapi (Bariloche).

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