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Republic of Colombia/República de Colombia

Region: South America

Area: 1 138 910 km²

Capital: Santa Fe de Bogota

Major cities: Santa Fe de Bogota, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena

Climate: equatorial, subequatorial

Languages spoken: Spanish

Religion: Catholicism

Local time: GMT-5

Calling code: +57

Currency: Colombian peso

Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club

Visa: not required for nationals of majority of EU and South America countries, Israel, Japan etc. for a stay up to 90 days. For more details please visit

Transport: air transport, rail transport, motor transport, water transport

International airports (cities): Santa Fe de Bogota, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena 

Annually countries of South America are becoming more and more popular destination among foreign patients interested in less expensive medical services than in U.S. but of the same quality. Colombia is one of those countries offering affordable high-quality medical services for international clients.
Additionally all those who are going to treat in Colombia will have a splendid opportunity to experience new culture and exotic landscape.
The Colombian government has spent considerable resources in recent years in promoting a safe and tourist friendly environment for visitors, including medical tourists from U.S.A. and Western Europe.
Bogota, the capital city, is the main centre for the best of Colombia’s hospitals and
specialty medical centres.
By far the most popular procedures being carried out by Colombian medical staff and centres are plastic surgery and laser eye surgery.
Laser eye surgery services cost 60% less than in the U.S.A. and 40% less than in Canada and Western Europe.  
Majority of Colombian plastic surgeons obtained their degrees in the U.S.A and have a longstanding successful practice in this field.
Plastic surgery in Colombia is app. 50% cheaper than in the U.S.A., 20-30% cheaper than in Canada and Western Europe countries. Moreover you will not have to wait at least 1 year to make endoprosthesis replacement and rhinoplasty in Colombian private clinics in comparison to USA.
Hair transplants and dentistry are also popular treatments offered by leading health institutes.

Recommended time for treatment: January, February, March, June, July, August, September and December

Each year Colombia is becoming a more and more popular destination of international recovery tourism. Today this land of immense riches and beauty offers excellent conditions for recovery and resort recreation. It has snow-white beaches rimmed by tropical palms, picturesque rivers and waterfalls, abundant flora and fauna, warm waters of the Pacific and the Caribbean. In addition, its mysterious forests hide the treasures of the pirate Henry Morgan, as legends say. This is why thousands of overseas visitors come here every year for recreation and recovery. 

Best Colombian resorts spread along all of the Pacific and the Caribbean coast. There are top-class hotels and modern recovery and spa complexes in the towns of Barranquilla, San Andrés, Providencia, Bahia Solano, and El Valle, in the depths of tropical forests and with access to the azure sea.

One of the best popular beach areas of Colombia is Playa Blanca coast close to the marvellous town of Cartagena. It holds excellent sanatoriums, recovery and spa centres. Cutting-edge equipment, innovative methods of phyto- and physiotherapy, balneology and thalassotherapy supported by ages-long therapeutic traditions facilitate immunity strengthening, recovery, relieving stress, chronic fatigue. Major recovery programmes include: water procedures, various massages (back, head, full body, foot massage with antioxidants), stone therapy, wraps (with muds, seaweed, chocolate, honey), herbal baths, oxygen facial and body masks, seaweed applications, and other rejuvenation and recovery procedures.

All Colombian territory is interspersed with thermal and mineral springs possessing therapeutic, recovery, and generally revitalising properties. There are more thermal and mineral springs in the Andes region, in the departments of Quindío, Boyacá, Risaralda, Antioquia, Caldas, Cundinamarca, Huila, Amazonas, Norte de Santander, Santander, and Tolima.

The Puracé National Natural Park, one of the country’s picturesque national parks, has become a famed recovery resort. Alongside its volcano, countless lakes and waterfalls it has thermal springs of Pilimbala forming a small hot lake. And fumarole lakes of Termales de San Juan are rich in sulphur and possess healing properties.

3*- from €60;

4*- from €100;

5*- from €115.

Ajiaco(soup with pieces of chicken, potatoes and vegetables, popular in Bogota),  arepa (bread made of corn), arroz con coco (rice prepared with fresh coconut milk, popular in the Caribbean region of Colombia), bandeja paisa (ground beef, red beans, sausages, rice, bananas, avocado).
Leo Cocina y Cava is perhaps the most exclusive restaurant of Santa Fe de Bogota. It is very popular among senate and state authorities, foreign visitors.
The menu is vast and varied, represented mainly with fresh seafood dishes. Also there is a vast variety of meat dishes like pork chop. 

La Candelaria district (Bogota), Museum of Colonial Art (Popayan),  Plaza de toros Cañaveralejo (Cali), monkey island Isla de Los Micos (Leticia)
James Duck Park (Santa Fe de Bogota), water park (Santa Fe de Bogota), Cali fair (beginning of December - end of January), carnival in Pasto (January).  

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