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Arab Republic of Egypt/جمهورية مصر العربية‎‎

Region: North East Africa

Area: 1 001 570 km²

Capital: Cairo

Major cities: Alexandria, Giza, Shubra El-Kheima, Port Said, Suez

Climate: tropical desert

Languages spoken: Arabic

Religion: Sunni Islam

Local time: GMT +2

Calling code: +20

Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP)

Credit cards: Euro Card, Master Card, Visa

Visa: not required for citizens of the USA, the EU, and Japan for a stay up to 90 days; required for citizens of CIS countries. For more details visit

Transport: air, railway, mobile, and water transport

International airports (cities): Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor, Taba, Khargada, Sharm El-Sheikh 

The field of medical tourism is not new in Egypt, although many people arriving in this country do not plan for serious treatment, giving their preference to recovery or ordinary recreation on the Red Sea coast. However, they are under a serious delusion: Egypt possesses all necessary resources for providing quality medical services. Today it has several operating JCI-accredited private clinics, most of them in the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh. They are facilitated with cutting-edge equipment, actively cooperate with many medical centres of the USA and Europe where their medical professionals come annually for practice and training. Caring and friendly personnel and value for money services are also for the advantage of Egyptian clinics. The cost of most medical services in Egypt is approximately 20 % lower than in the neighbouring Israel.

Patients come to Egypt to receive medical services in the sphere of plastic surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, as well as undergo complex cardiac surgeries. Major general multi-field medical centres offer services practically in all fields of medicine, perform checkup and treatment.

Liver transplantation and complex cardiac surgeries are conducted in Egypt every year. Success rate of such surgical interventions reaches 97%.

After conservative/non-operative and surgical treatment, foreign patients move on to Egyptian resorts to avail of marvellous spa and wellness programmes.

Checkup, plastic surgeries, and dental treatment can be excellently combined with recreation at sea resorts and viewing the country’s sites and places of interest. Some of the most popular checkup programmes include: various laboratory blood tests, ultrasonic examination of the organs of abdominal cavity and lesser pelvis, Doppler examination of carotid vessels, etc. The most demanded plastic surgeries are: size and form correction of nose, ear conches, eyelids, chin, and contour face lift. The most frequently performed dental procedures are metal-ceramic prosthetics, implantation, endodontic treatment, and other treatment and prevention procedures.

Taking into account the country’s unique natural-climatic factors (black sands, sea water, dry hot climate, thermal and mineral springs), Egypt provides excellent possibilities for treatment of such diseases as arthritis, bronchial asthma, as well as psoriasis and skin eczemas.

Along with high-quality and affordable medical services and top-class attendance, most Egyptian clinics offer their foreign patients entertaining cultural and excursion programmes, translator’s services, and support of supervisors during all treatment stages.

Recommended time for treatment: spring, autumn

Ancient Egyptian healing therapy and resorts are well-known to the world. The natural curative power of Red sea waters, air, black sands, mineral and sulphurous springs were known since the times of antiquity, and nowadays thousands of tourists from around the world come to Egypt for recreation and recovery. The major indications for stay are diseases of skin and musculoskeletal apparatus, and the starting point of any treatment or recovery are natural components.

In the famous Egyptian town of Safaga they successfully cure psoriasis, diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus. In the course of procedures the black sands are used, which are rich in minerals and radioactive elements. Because of the great number of coral reefs in this area, the concentration of salt is much higher than in other regions. For the purpose of prevention and recovery, foreign patients are recommended to take sea and solar procedures twice a day, and to visit unique Egyptian therapeutic mud-baths. 

In Helwan, foreign patients most often undergo prevention therapy and treatment of rheumatism. In the course of chemical therapy they use healing properties of sulphurous and mineral springs, also making avail of warm dry climate. The resort swims in greenery and is the ideal place for recovery and improvement of one’s immune system.

Overseas patients suffering from the diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, joint and spinal pain, skin diseases visit the oases of El-Wahat el-Bahariya, ad-Dakhla and Siva, Bulagh wells, Hammam Pharaun, Moses baths Hammam Moussa. The courses of procedures are comprised of two parts: dipping into healing springs and sand baths. Moderate climate, clean air, the sea of greenery around the oases creates a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. 

In case of the diseases of urogenital, digestive tract and respiratory system, kidney stones one should visit Nasir wells and Sinai resort. Waters from the mineral springs will make all diseases and ailments vanish as if by magic.

Nile silt poultices have since the times of the Pharaohs been applied for cases of head and tooth aches, and muscle straining.  

In Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh, the famous Egyptian luxury Spa centres are located. Resort visitors are offered exotic procedures of face and body treatment with the use of sea water, muds from coral reefs, sea weed and mineralized sand. Recovery and rejuvenation courses are so effective that there are feasible results obtained even after the initial session — the skin becomes smooth and silky, fatigue and tension are replaced by a charge of energy and strength.

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