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Republic of Finland/Suomen Tasavalta

Region: Europe

Area: 338,424 thous. sq. km

Capital: Helsinki

Major cities: Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Turku

Languages spoken: Finnish, Swedish

Climate: mostly temperate varying from costal to continental

Religion: Lutherans, Orthodox Christians

Local time: GMT +02

Calling code: +358

Currency: euro

Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard

Visa: not required for EU, US, Israeli, and Japanese nationals for a stay up to 90 days; required for CIS citizens. For more details please visit

Transport: air transport, rail transport, motor transport, water transport

International airports (cities): Helsinki, Vantaa, Rovaniemi, Oulu, Turku

Photos 1-3 by Tanja Sirviö

In Finland, as in any other Scandinavian country, the quality of medical service is of utmost importance. It offers some of the highest medical standard in the world. 

Priority fields for overseas tourists are certainly surgical ophthalmology and dentistry. Many Finnish hospitals and doctors can also provide their overseas patients the services of complex diagnostics, treatment of cardio-vascular diseases, cancerous tumours, diseases of spine and joints, of musculoskeletal organs, urological and gynaecological diseases, and also to admit for delivery and infertility treatment programmes.

Finnish surgeons are rightfully considered among the best in the world. Along with traditional surgery they often use endoscopy. Endoscopic surgeries are conducted with the help of video camera and surgical instruments, inserted into the operated cavity through small apertura without the cavity section. After such surgery the patient has no large wounds and further scars left, therefore rehabilitation elapses within the shortest time possible. For example, in many cases of endoscopic surgery of knee, elbow or shoulder joints the intervention is performed under local anaesthesia and the patient can sign out the same day. In case of surgeries on coronary artery, stomach, spine, removal of tumour or uterus, the patient stays in the in-patient department for several days.

Finnish professionals have achieved outstanding results in the sphere of ophthalmology. Owing to advanced technology and methods, in particular those based on ultrasound, surgeons can destroy cataract by sound (FACO method). 

Dental surgeons have successfully mastered fast implantation of artificial root right after tooth removal. A new tooth on a graft may be installed already during the third visit to the dentist.

It should be noted, that the spectre of medical services for overseas patients is constantly increasing both in private and state medical clinics.

The prices for medical services in Finland are far from low, but this does not put off the citizens of the USA and the CIS countries (especially Russia). Besides, the travel to Finland is convenient and does not take long, especially via air connection. 

Recommended time for treatment: June to September.

Along with fascinating winter recreation, Finland offers its overseas visitors excellent opportunities of recovery tourism. Clean ecology, fresh sea air filled with pine fragrances contribute to Finland’s special recreational value. The country has well developed infrastructure, convenient transport connection, friendly and attentive personnel, and certainly Finnish spa centres.

In modern comfortable spa centres, where all details have been carefully elaborated, the staff will help you select a course of body treatment, cosmetic, and rejuvenation procedures, design a special menu, and offer a variety of entertainments. Major spa procedures include: peelings, wraps, lymphatic drainage, sauna, swimming pools, aroma, herbal, and pine baths and saunas, masks, peat therapy, electric stimulation, thermal therapy. Finnish spa centre professionals apply mineral and thermal spring waters, muds, seaweed, salts, organic creams, extracts from northern herbs and berries.

Finnish spa resorts attract primarily the lovers of pristine nature and calm, quiet rest. Some of the most popular are Helsinki, Savonlinna, Tampere, Naantali, Imatra, Turku, Porvoo, Saariselka, Aland Isles, Ruka, Pyhä-Luosto. Overseas guests are accommodated in isolated hotels and cottages situated in the woods, at the foot of the mountains, on lake shores, or at the Baltic sea coast. Here you can have a wonderful rest, enjoy the lapping sound of tidal waves and fresh sea air, make a trip on a steam-boat, ride in a deer or dog sled, as well as recover, strengthen immunity, and replenish your vigour.

Spa resorts of Lapland attract their visitors by unique procedures borrowed from the Saami people based on applying organic natural ointments, creams, and extracts.

Watching the birds, foot walks and bicycle rides, the splatter of the tide, and fresh sea air will make you forget all problems, harmonise and pacify the soul, while skilled professionals will help relieve stress, relax, regain health and vitality applying recovery procedures.

Finland today has over 100 aquatic recovery centres located both in big cities and in the isolated country area. Most of them specialise in various recovery services: massage, cosmetic services, baths, aromatherapy, peat and clay applications. Some spas offer along with recovery a variety of active entertainment water activities. Here adults and children can have fun spending leisure time in aqua parks with water hills. You have the opportunity to combine spa services with active leisure out in the nature, and then relax again in a Finnish sauna or a Jacuzzi.

More and more overseas guests are looking for high-class recreation and recovery opportunities inside their hotels having the status of spa hotels. You can have a rest here and take recovery procedures at the same time.  Lymphatic drainage, hydro massage, and Sharko shower/Charko douche are the standard spa procedures in such hotels. Here they also apply berry masks, or offer you to take a special berry diet helping increase your eyesight, balance the nervous system, and lose weight. Major part of spa hotels have their own mineral water, salt, and mud springs. Finnish spa hotels have worked everything out to the finest detail and hold the guests’ comfort and convenience their top priority. The personnel are very high-skilled and helpful.

3*- from €90;

4*- from €140;

5*- from €170.

lohikeitto (creamy salmon soup), sautéed reindeer (traditionally served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam and pickles), hernekeitto (pea soup), lihapullat (meatballs served with gravy), kalakukko (fish baked inside a loaf of bread), baked salmon.

Arktikum-talo (the palace built in 1992 is located on coastal rocks and serves as Arctic Centre and Regional Museum of Lapland), Suomenlinna (250-year-old fortress has turned into a picturesque oasis with numerous galleries, museums, and cozy cafes), Lutheran Cathedral, Rock Church (the building constructed in 1962 hosts frequent organ and violin musical performances). 

Linnanmyaki Amusement Park (with 30 breathtaking rides, two-storey aquarium and plenty of souvenir shops), Heureka Science Centre (immerse yourself into the atmosphere of interactive theme exhibitions and digital planetarium), canoeing, kayaking, dog sledding, and motosafari.

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