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French Republic/République Française

Region: Europe

Area: 674,843 sq. km

Capital: Paris

Major cities: Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice

Climate: temperate; mild winters, cool summers; rainy, humid, cloudy.

Language: French

Religion: Catholics

Local time: GMT +01

Calling code: 33

Currency: euro

Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club

Visa: not required for EU, US, Israeli, and Japanese nationals for a stay up to 90 days; required for CIS citizens. For more details please visit

Transport: water transport, air transport, rail transport

International airports (cities): Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon

French health system was taking shape for   several centuries. There are three types of medical centres represented in France today: charitable organisations, state medical centres, and private clinics. Most of them have ages-long history and apply ancient traditions in combination with cutting-edge achievements of medical science and technology. This is the reason France is one of the widely renowned and reputable European centres of medical tourism.

Above all, French private clinics offer their overseas patients to undergo diagnostics and treatment of gastroenterological diseases, cardiology and cardio surgery, orthopaedics and traumatology, urology and andrology, oncology, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

The most advanced medical technologies and treatment methods are represented in France, particularly in the field of surgery. This country is where surgical laparoscopy was originally developed, and one-of-a-kind surgeries of transplanting two hands and face were performed. It is here that they apply innovative diagnostics and treatment of cancer diseases (cancer of mammary/milk gland, prostate, child tumours, sarcoma, eye tumours), conduct research in the field of oncogenetic studies and medical radiology. For each and every patient they develop an individual and effective treatment programme.

Highly specialised treatment is conducted on the level of best world standards, and many clinics are accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International), as well as HAS (la Haute Autorite de Sante).

Most specialised medical centres are facilitated with latest generation leading-edge diagnostic equipment. It is not a rare occasion to find the following technologies here: Magnetic Resonance Imaging - MRI, Computer Tomography - CT, Positron Emission Tomography - PET, Single Photon Emission Computer Tomography - SPECT), linear accelerators, scanners, radiosurgery installations, stereotactic tables in surgery rooms, etc.

France is also renowned for unprecedented treatment results in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Private clinics offer a wide range of services applying the most vanguard methods and technologies of plastic surgery. These include face and body plastic surgeries, intimate surgery, non-surgical fat removal and cellulite treatment, hair transplantation, gold reinforcement (gold thread implanting), and much more. 

The level of health care offered in French clinics, service quality, treatment results fulfil the requirements of the most demanding patients.

Recommended time for treatment: March to June, September to November.

Annually, the resorts of France are visited by thousands of citizens from other countries to cure diseases of respiratory organs, musculoskeletal apparatus, and simply low immunity, insomnia, chronic fatigue build, or excessive weight. Along with extensive treatment programmes, the visitors have an opportunity to undergo sessions of figure correction, rejuvenation and anti-stress therapy. Recovery and recreation at the resorts of France is both prestigious and expensive. That is why elite French resorts are frequented by many celebrities and wealthy people from Western Europe and the USA.

Recovery programmes for patients with kidney diseases of, pancreatic gland and digestive tract, metabolism disorders, diabetes are conducted exclusively under the supervision of physicians by a special individually selected programme. The programme most frequently includes water drinking sessions, diets, various massages and wrappings, therapeutic gymnastics, balneo-procedures, lymphatic drainage, press therapy, weed therapy. The therapeutic and recovery process involves the use of oceanic and sea water rich in minerals and micro-elements, sodium bicarbonate and  bicarbonate waters, sea weed and muds, as well as natural French medications.    

Mild sea climate and sulphurous springs of Aix-les-Bains will be ideal for general recovery, as well as treatment of ENT-illnesses (otitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis), diseases of upper respiratory airways, chronic illnesses of bronchi and lungs (bronchitis, asthma, tracheitis), and some stomatologic diseases.

For rehabilitation and recovery in postpartum period and during the menopause the women from all over the world head to La Bouille. The experienced physicians of this resort will help return health and perfect well-being with the help of relaxation recovery procedures. Parturient women are offered procedures of weight reduction, strengthening the abdominal wall and pelvic floor muscles, as well as relaxation therapy – for the prevention and relief of fatigue and irritability. Specialized courses for women after 40, developed by gynecologists and psychologists, will improve both physical and emotional health.

In Pornic, professional sportsmen undergo post-traumatic and post-operative aftercare and treatment procedures under the supervision of highly-qualified specialists.

We know that many French women pay particular attention to special body treatment and life tonus maintenance. This is the reason why France has earned the reputation of the world centre of talassotherapy, where this treatment and recovery area is developed to its highest.

Wealthy foreign patients travel to Biarritz, Cannes, Vichy, Evian, Port Crusty to undergo innovative rejuvenation courses, cosmetology and balneo-procedures for face and body. Among the most popular procedures are: hydro massage and Sharko shower, weed and mud wrappings, various steam-baths, saunas and massages (body, face, hands and feet), aromatherapy and oxygenation, yoga and individual sessions with trainer. After spending several weeks at the resort, patients regain youth, slimness, beauty, calmness and cheerful mood.

3*- from €60;

4*- from €80;

5*- from €130.

Cassoulet (bean and pork stew), Beef bourguignon (beef-in-wine stew), wine, and cheese.

Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles), Paris Notre-Dame Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris), Louvre (Musée du Louvre).
Angers (culinary festival in July-September), Lille 3000 (culture festival), La Pourcailhade (Festival of the Pig in August), the island of Mont St.Michel.

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