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Hellenic Republic/Ελληνική Δημοκρατία

Region: Europe

Area: 131,957 thous. sq. km

Capital: Athens

Major cities: Athens, Thessaloníki, Piraeus, Pátrai, Peristérion

Climate: Meditterranean climate with plenty of sunshine, mild winters and very hot, dry summers

Language: Greek

Religion: Orthodox

Local time: GMT +02

Calling code: +30

Currency: Euro

Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express

Visa: not required for EU, US, Israeli, and Japanese nationals for a stay up to 90 days; required for CIS citizens. For more details please visit

Transport: air transport, rail transport, motor transport, water transport

International airports (cities): Athens, Thessaloníki, Piraeus, Heraklion

Modern general multi-field centres and specialised private clinics, doctors with many year’s experience, progressive treatment methods, healthful climate, relatively low prices for medical services along with European service — this is a very tentative list of reasons why more and more foreign patients from Europe and CIS countries choose Greece for having diagnostics and treatment. They are indeed very welcome here, and due to crisis many medical centres have intentionally reduced their prices by 10 – 15 %.

The following medical fields are most demanded among foreign tourists in Greece today: general diagnostics, cardio surgery, dental services, plastic surgery, and aesthetic medicine.

Medical service provision and organization of treatment process in Greece is at the supreme level. Medical centres are facilitated with hi-tech equipment. But equipment and advanced technologies are not the only means employed by Greek specialists — nature itself provides powerful aid. Many private clinics of Greece are located away from city bustle, often right amidst the recreation zone, which facilitates quick recuperation and recovery after medical interventions. Marvellous parks delight the eye with vivid Mediterranean plants and flowers. 

Annually, over 50,000 heart surgeries are conducted in Greece. The country’s cardio surgeons have large experience and excellent results in this field of medicine. Besides, they are continually perfecting their skills at the best institutes and clinics of the world.

Many foreign patients come to Greece to undergo complex diagnostics of the whole organism, excellently combining it with resort and recovery recreation at the seaside. Many patient strive to have genetic research performed here: even patient’s saliva is enough to learn which diseases this patient is liable to have in future. By the results of diagnostics, an individual plan of nutrition is designed for each patient, and he is given recommendations regarding his lifestyle.

There is a high enough demand for services in the sphere of plastic surgeries and aesthetic medicine. Specialists of Greek clinics apply cutting-edge technologies in this field achieving minimal rehabilitation period after surgeries. 

Another popular medical field is ophthalmology. The method of viscocanalostomy is successfully applied in Greek ophthalmological centres for treating glaucoma and cataract. The effect of such painless surgeries is evident immediately after conducting such surgical intervention: patients regain hundred-percent eyesight.

Greek specialists strongly recommend their foreign patients to undergo a rehabilitation course at local resorts, where climatotherapy and thalassotherapy are applied for replenishing vital forces and strengthening immunity in the shortest period possible.

Recommended time for treatment: October to April.


Greece is one of the popular European destinations for recovery annually visited by thousands of foreign patients, all this owing to its unique natural and climatic conditions. The waters of three seas — Aegean, Ionic, and Mediterranean Sea, therapeutic waters and muds, sea air not only produce a healthful effect on patient’s health, but also heal from severe diseases, return youthful looks and beauty. That is why some of the most prestigious treatment, recovery and spa resorts in the world are located here.

Patients with neurological diseases and disorders of cardio-vascular system come to the famous Aidēpsós resort. The treatment course here is based on applying radon thermal springs enriched with sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, chloride, bromine, and iodine. Sea water and mild climate restore and strengthen your immunity, increase vital tonus. Therapeutic procedures include hydro therapy, mud treatment, steam and volcanic baths, thalasso- and aromatherapy, massage, and physiotherapy. Exclusive cosmetological procedures offered to wealthy foreign females should be mentioned specifically. These are programme session of face and body care, cleansing, lifting, and revitalizing procedures based on applying thermal and sea water, salt, seaweed, mud, oil, and grape extracts. A specially designed Mediterranean diet helps purify the organism.

In case of endocrine disorders doctors recommend their patients to visit the Greek island of Evia (Euboea), where treatment is performed applying local healing water with minor radon content.

Loutraki town is the best destination for preparing to a serious surgery, as well as undergoing post-surgical rehabilitation, recovering once and for all from skin diseases and gynaecological problems. Loutraki is recognised as the best balneological resort of Greece. During procedures (dippings, baths, wraps) they apply therapeutic muds, mineral, chlorine and radon enriched waters.

Mykonos and Crete islands and the Peloponnese peninsula are considered some of the best spa resort destinations in the world. Here you will be offered baths with essential oils, massage, meditation, peeling, balneological procedures, wraps, Turkish baths Hammam, aromatherapy, thalassotherapy, face and body care procedures, hydro therapy chromotherapy (colour therapy), physiotherapy, weight loss programmes, and a great number of other procedures aimed at relieving stress and fatigue, energy and strength recovery.

Recreation and recovery at the Aegean and Mediterranean sea coast is not a cheap treat. But the experience is value for money, because you can return the unfading beauty, strengthen immunity, and increase vital tonus.

Greek salad (fresh vegetables, sheep cheese and olives sprinkled with olive oil), spanakopita (pastry with feta cheese and spinach), fasolada (bean soup), meze (appetizer made of seafood or feta cheese dressed with olive oil and oregano herb), tzatzyki (cold spread made of yogurt, cucumber and garlic), souvlaki (grilled bits of meat typically considered as Greek fast-food).

Mikines (the city dates back to 15-11 centuries BC with numerous golden tombs discovered in 1876; municipal walls are 14m wide and according to a legend were built by the Cyclops), Acropolis (home to historical city gates propylaea and the Parthenon constructed in the 5 century BC bearing UNESCO World Heritage status), National Archaeological Museum (with exposition of 20,000 artifacts from various historical periods), Blue Caves (with crystal clean blue water and Blue Grotto popular among visitors), Meteora (breathtaking cliffs with the highest 613m peak and monasteries and churches on top of them dating back to 950AC).

International Street Theater Festival in Athens (featuring actors, jugglers, mimes, stilts, dancers, and clowns), Water City (family water park located nearby the coastal village Hani Kokini), the Patras Carnival (starting annually on January 17 with 160 year history, bright costumes, and numerous parades), jeep safari, diving.

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