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Region: Europe

Area: 103,125 thous. sq. km

Capital: Reykjavik

Major cities: Reykjavík, Kópavogur, Hafnarfjörður, Akureyri, Keflavík

Climate: subarctic lessened in coastal areas by Gulfstream

Language: Icelandic

Religion: Lutherans

Local time: GMT +0

Calling code: +354

Currency: Icelandic krona

Credit cards: MasterCard, VISA, Dinners Club, American Express, Eurocard

Visa: not required for citizens of the USA, EU, and Israel for a stay up to 90 days; required for CIS nationals. For more details please visit

Transport: air transport, motor transport, water transport

International airports (cities): Keflavík, Reykjavík

The government of Iceland pays special attention to the development of health care system. That is why the rates of longevity here are some of the highest in the world, and child mortality rates are the lowest. Health care system is represented by a network of tertiary and specialised medical centres located all around the country’s territory.

After the crisis, Iceland primarily targets the patients from Sweden, Norway, and the UK, as well as CIS citizens. To attract the latter, medical centres actively employ Russian-speaking personnel and create Russian pages of their websites.

Iceland is one of the young players in the world market of medical tourism. It has only been a few years that a separate field of servicing overseas patients started developing in the medical economic sector of this country. However, Icelanders have already manifested striking innovation and originality. Here they built “recovery villages” offering treatment and rehabilitation programmes amidst unique nature, in the most picturesque corners of Iceland. Scores of medical centres located in such settlements provide the most demanded services among medical tourists: dental treatment, hip and knee joint replacement surgeries, dermatological treatment. The cost of many medical services is affordable enough, which is by 40-50 % lower than in Sweden and France.

Today Iceland, along with Israel, Jordan, Cuba, and Egypt, is becoming the popular gateway for psoriasis treatment. Such treatment is performed applying natural therapeutic factors: geothermal sea water rich in silica, mineral salts, blue-green seaweed, and clay. Dermatological clinics perform complex treatment of the most severe skin diseases, which includes water procedures applying clay, seaweed, natural cosmetic products, and ultraviolet ray therapy. Quick recovery is facilitated by clean environment, ecologically clean water, and medium air temperature very favourable for patients with heat intolerance.

Icelandic medical centres pay attention to both providing quality medical services and patient attendance. Particular emphasis is made on the original design of patient wards and rest rooms. The priority is given to local natural materials: wood and stone, which best embody all the positive energy of the Icelandic ground.

Recommended time for treatment: June through September

Despite its austere name given by the Vikings, Iceland offers the most warm and cordial welcome to the guests from all over the world all the year round. Iceland is the land of volcanoes and geysers, waterfalls and rivers, ice lakes and hot springs, mountains and fjords, tiny villages and towns, extraordinary wonderful nature and amazingly fresh air. Icelanders is one of the healthiest nations in the world, hospitably offering all their overseas guests to visit the unique geothermal and spa resorts of the country. Here you can undergo recovery, cosmetological, and generally revitalising procedures.

There is especially high demand for rehabilitation programmes for sportsmen, spa and wellness programmes, and obesity treatment. Iceland offers its overseas guests exclusive “Nordic” spa procedures, such as:  baths with mineral salts, Finnish sauna, steam baths, special massages, baths with sea water, icy waterfalls returning vital tonus, and many other unusual procedures.

In the vicinity of the most Northern world capital, Reykjavík, in the Valley of Geysers there are numerous hot water pools, geothermal and mineral springs greatly popular among the nationals and foreign guests. This is a true Nordic Paradise, where visitors are offered hot water procedures, aroma and herbal steam baths, sauna, back, shoulder, and head massage. After procedures, patients are offered original Icelandic energising drinks “Skyr” (locally prepared yoghurt).

Húsafell is one of the most famed thermal resorts of Iceland. Myriads of thermal springs are spraying in birch growths. Water procedures may be performed both in open specially equipped water pools, and right in the springs, in the fresh air.

The Blue Lagoon — the most popular and wonderful locale in Iceland. Here, amidst the snows, there are natural water pools with azure milky water. Local water and clay possess unique therapeutic properties. They are applied in the preparation of an exclusive cosmetic line widely popular around the world. However, the Blue Lagoon is visited today not only for the purposes of recovery or rejuvenation but also for psoriasis treatment. The composition of local water comprises seaweed, minerals, and microelements producing a calming effect on the skin and curing of dermatological diseases. Psoriasis treatment course includes several procedures: shower with therapeutic gel, applications with seaweed, sea water procedures, mud wraps. Besides, a variety of creams are applied based on Blue Lagoon water and clay. Fresh mountain air, ecologically clean water, and food prepared from organic products are an excellent complement.

*** from €60

**** from €90

***** from €120

svid (smoked, marinated, or boiled whole lambs heads), skyr (yoghurt-like diary dish), slatur (sheep liver sausage), hakarl (spicy shark meat usually served with traditional Icelandic alcohol drink brennivin)

Old Reykjavik  (downtown Reykjavik; spacious green territory with loans and small lakes next to traditional old houses with numerous features of early Scandinavian architecture), Hallgrimskirkja Church (main religious center of the city bearing the resemblance of a high mountain disgorging lava; 76m observation site on the top of the tower allows enjoying scenic beauty of Reykjavik), Arbaejarsafn lifestyle and heritage museum (an open-air museum to preserve and show selected old houses from Reykjavik and a traditional Icelandic style turf-church), the National Gallery of Iceland

Haudakalur Geyser Field (with a lot of exits of underground hot water in bottomless wells filled to the brim with amazing blue transparent water), Gullfoss (or Golden Falls is located on a mountain range where wide powerful Hvítá River rushes down), Vatna Glacier (the biggest ice cap in the country with an area of 8400 sq km and a kilometer wide ice layer)

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