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Republic of Latvia/Latvijas Republika

Region: Europe

Area: 64,6 thous. sq. km

Capital: Riga

Big cities: Riga, Daugavpils, Liepāja, Jelgava, Jūrmala

Climate: varies from coastal to continental with relatively mild winters and chilly rainy summers with frequent foggy days along the Baltic coastline

Languages spoken: Latvian, Russian

Religion: Catholics, Lutherans 

Local time: GMT +02

Calling code: +371

Currency: lat

Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club

Visa: not required by citizens of EU, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland for a stay up to 90 days; required by CIS nationals. For more details please visit

Transport: air transport, rail transport, motor transport, water transport

International airports (cities): Riga

Latvia draws foreign nationals not merely by excellent conditions of recovery and resort recreation but also by the quality and security of medical services provided at private clinics.  Educational level, theoretical background and practical experience of doctors, cutting-edge treatment and checkup technologies are not the least inferior to leading European clinics, while the pricing policy is quite democratic and value for money both for European and CIS citizens.

The infrastructure and organisation of treatment process in Latvian clinics comply with European standards. Patients receive guaranteed individual approach, confidentiality, attention and care of personnel.

Foreign patients arrive in Latvia first of all to receive quality and affordable medical services in the sphere of dentistry, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, ophthalmology and neurology.

Reconstructive and plastic surgery are the top popular fields of medical tourism in Latvia. Specialised clinics in these fields apply the most advanced methods and technologies. Post-surgical rehabilitation undergoes with the benefit of natural-climatic factors of Latvian balneological resorts located along the coast of the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea coast.

Many foreign patients come for in-patient and out-patient treatment of neuroses in Latvia. They are provided with complex competent psychological and psychiatric aid. Patients can receive qualified consultations of psychiatrists, individual consultations of psychologists, physiotherapists, hypnologists, and narcologists. The treatment course necessarily includes creative therapy, auto-training, audiovisual therapy, medicament course, as well as special procedures (massages, therapeutic gymnastics, water procedures). The doctors of specialized clinics have also designed programmes for treating digestive disorders (anorexia and bulimia). And Latvian sanatoria offer the opportunity to treat chronic illnesses availing of natural-climatic factors.

Recommended time for treatment: April to June, September to November.


Latvia has for a number of centuries been famed for its balneological resorts located along the coast of the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea. Each year, the citizens of the CIS countries, Eastern and Western Europe, and Scandinavia traditionally keep coming to Latvia for resort recreation and recovery.  

Jūrmala is the most famous recovery balneological, mud, and climatic resort of the Baltic region. Dozens of mineral springs opened back in XVIII century are located here. The first water treatment centres were opened in XIX century. The list of indications for staying at this resort is rather long. Jūrmala is visited by patients with gynaecological diseases, diseases of the digestive tract, metabolic disorders, atherosclerosis, stenocardia, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, angioneurosis, rheumatism, neuritis, neuralgia, psoriasis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and stress. Rehabilitation courses at the recovery centres of Jūrmala are recommended for patients having suffered myocardial infarction. Various sodium chloride, bromine, hydrosulphuric mineral waters and peat muds are applied in the treatment and recovery process. Treatment also comprises of spa procedures for strengthening immunity, recovery, increase of vital tonus: mud baths, applications, hydrosulphuric, pine, vortex, purl, iodine and bromine, herbal baths, massage, facial and body honey masks. Here you will be offered to attend a stone and pine bath, undergo the sessions of chocolate massage, stone therapy, mill contrast shower.

Patients with diseases of cardio-vascular, peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal apparatus, respiratory organs, digestive system, metabolic disorders, and gynaecological problems visit the balneological sea resort of Jaunkemeri in forest area. Mineral waters, bromine brines, and therapeutic muds are applied here during the treatment and recovery process.

Balneological resorts of Baldone, Kemeri, and Liepāja specialise in the following diseases: chronic cystitis, orchiepididymitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, and male genital dysfunctions. Mildly hydrosulphuric sulphate calciferous, bromine, sodium chloride mineral waters, peat muds from Slokas deposit, sapropelic muds of Kaniera Lake are applied for treatment.  

Latvian resorts successfully apply long proven treatment and recovery methods, actively use ancient recipes of over 50 herbal extracts. Wonderful climate of the coast of Riga also facilitates immunity strengthening and recovery.

3*- from €50;

4*- from €85;

5*- from €110.

Рutra (cooked vegetables and cereals mixed with cracklings, smoked meat or fish, and milk products), aukshta zupa (cold beat soup), klops (beefsteak seasoned with onion sauce), pickled pumpkin (spiced with cinnamon and cloves).

Riga (top attractions in the capital include the Bastion Hill, the Powder Tower, the St. Peter's Church, the Dome Cathedral, and Swedish Gate), Gaujas National Park in Sigulda (a great source of entertainment offering para-gliding, bungee-jumping and rock climbing), Pedvale (open-air art museum 115km away from Riga occupying the picturesque shores of the Abava River Valley).

Riga Motor Museum (depicting car engineering history and displaying Stalin’s and Brezhnev’s private cars), Historical Museum of Latvia (founded in 1896), Museum of Medicine (showing the history of both Latvian and international medicine and pharmacology), the Baltic resort of Jurmala (30km coastline with sandy beaches and fresh pine air).


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