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Republic of Malta/Repubblika ta' Malta

Region: Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea (Europe)

Area: 316 sq. km

Capital: Valetta

Major cities: Birkirkara, Qormi, Mosta, Żabbar, Rabat

Climate: Meditterranean

Languages spoken: Maltese, English

Religion: Roman Catholic

Local time: GMT+ 01.

Calling code: +356

Currency: Maltese lira

Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express

Visa: not required for citizens of the USA, EU, Israel, and Japan for a stay up to 90 days; required for CIS nationals. For more details please visit

Transport: air transport, water transport, motor transport

International airports (cities): Valetta (5 km or 3 miles outside the city)

Priority medical treatments: Malta has a strong medical heritage and possesses a high-quality healthcare system modeled on the British system. There are a number of private hospitals within Malta which are developing medical tourism. Procedures range from dental care, orthopedic procedures, complex cardiac procedures, cosmetic surgery, ophthalmic procedures to hair removal, and all performed using the latest medical equipment. Most medical tourists in Malta arrive here for treatment of cardiovascular system, skin, musculoskeletal system, respiratory tract, endocrine system, teeth, oral cavity, and metabolism as well as do rehabilitation courses after surgeries, nervous exhaustion or stress.

Surgery: latest developments in the field of laser surgery being applied in Malta allow curing such ailments as astigmatism, cataract, diabetic retinopathy and varix dilatation.

Plastic surgery: range of services is extremely wide from removal of innate defects to complicated surgeries to improve face or body shape. Among most successful body shaping techniques applied in Malta is liposculpture which helps remove unwanted fat deposits from problem areas.

Thalassotherapy: one of the best methods to fight cellulitis applying mineral and organic sea resources. Healing properties of water, mud, sand and sea weed come in handy during bathing, underwater massage, hydromassage, masks and wraps. Therapeutic mud is undeniably characterized by such medical qualities as activation of metabolism and blood flow, skin rejuvenation and regeneration, hair growth stimulation and pain relief after arthritis. Treatment and wellness procedures are provided in equipped facilities with incredible views on landscapes of Maltese archipelago.

Recommended time for treatment: April through June, August through November.


Recovery and rehabilitation in Malta have always been very expensive and prestigious. High level of medical and accommodation service provision, professional and friendly staff has positioned Malta on the list of the most popular countries in the world. Every year, wealthy patients from the USA and Western Europe arrive for recovery and treatment. The reasons for staying at the Maltese resorts differ. These are diseases of skin, eyes, cardio-vascular, respiratory, endocrine systems, musculoskeletal apparatus.

In private centres of Valetta, Birkirkara, Mosta, Qormi, Zabbar, and Rabat foreign patients are offered the most advanced medical treatment and diagnostic technologies, and luxury recovery and recreation programmes. Peaceful, stress-free atmosphere, clean Mediterranean sea waters and mild climate, fresh iodised air enhance and improve treatment results. Maltese recovery centres will offer not only undergoing purification procedures, weight reduction, metabolism normalization, but also getting qualified medical help and getting rid of severe diseases.  

Talassotherapy is one of the most powerful and developed recovery procedure in Malta. The most visited recovery resorts of the country – Mellieha, Marfa Bay, Slim. Their recovery programmes are based on the following key principles: healthy and balanced nutrition, measured physical activity under the trainer’s supervision, cosmetic procedures in the best Spa saloons, and relaxation therapy. Overseas patients are offered courses of health improvement procedures of face and body treatment, masks, pillings, massage, herbal and mud wrappings, as well as procedures with sea water and sand. In Malta it is a common practice to provide a very high level of services in everything and everywhere. Note that the reasons for undergoing talassotherapy are not limited with recovery and rejuvenation, but also include the treatment of such severe diseases as arthrosis, rheumatism, asthenia, heart diseases, gynaecological problems, and psoriasis. A course of talassotherapy is recommended for people, who have undergone through complicated surgeries, received serious traumas, suffer from chronic fatigue and are under severe stress.

Spa and Sanatoriums:

3*- from €60;

4*- from €85;

5*- from €100.

Рastizzi (savory pastry), ftira biż-żejt (bread with tomatoes and olive oil), ross il-forn (rice tomatoes and minced meat).

Hagar Qim Temple, Blue Grotto (Il-Hnejja), Grand Master’s Palace.

Manoel Theater, In Guardia (historical festival), Marsa Sport Center (October-May).

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