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Republic of the Philippines/Republika ng Pilipinas

Region: Asia

Though the Philippines are more widely renowned as an exotic resort destination, there are talks in medical circles of vast treatment and rehabilitation possibilities this amazing country can provide to patients. State and private medical centres of the Philippines leverage state-of-the-art facilities. They employ an array of the latest advancements in the field of medical science and technology, including telemedicine.

High quality medical service in the Philippines is provided by two equally important factors. The first is accreditation of most clinics by the JCI (Joint Commission International) system. As we know, this American system is most widely applied for assessment of quality and service of medical centres targeted at foreign patients. Availability of the JCI certificate is proof of a really high standard of a medical centre and its world-wide renown. The second factor is strict state regulation. Philippine government is interested in accepting overseas patients and therefore requires all medical centres to comply with international quality standards of medical services.

To provide most comfortable accommodation of overseas patients, multi-field medical centres and specialized clinics offer their best wards. They are richly furnished and rather resemble luxury suites of five-star hotels. Overseas patients are attended by highly skilled personnel. Doctors and nurses necessarily undergo training abroad and have good mastery of English. In many medical centres, stewards and caregivers are also provided for patient attendance.

Despite the high standard of services and attendance, the prices in Philippine medical centres are among the lowest in South East Asia (constituting about 20% from the cost of similar services in Western Europe).

Plastic surgeries and dental services are top demanded procedures among overseas tourists. Lately, the Philippines are more and more often visited for conducting surgical interventions and checkups.

Many have surely heard of the Philippine healers as well. These native healers apply unique methods of alternative and folk medicine and can conduct surgeries within a short period of time without using any surgical instruments. This is why hundreds of overseas tourists come to them every year, especially from Asian countries.

Marvellous spa resorts and relax centres facilitate fast rehabilitation of patients after surgeries charging them with the invigorating energy of nature. Congenial climate and convenient geographical position draw more and more overseas patients coming here for rehabilitation even after surgeries done in the neighbouring countries. One of the major peculiarities of the Philippine spas is a unique atmosphere created by nurturing all five human senses. In interior ornamentations of medical and spa centres, décor elements from local ecologically clean materials (wood, stone) are widely applied. Flowers and petals are used for decorating not only walls but ceiling and even floor as well. The colours of decor are always warm but not bright.

Recommended time for treatment: October, November, March, April.


The Philippines are true Paradise on earth for travellers and enthusiasts of unusual recreation, with their warm blue sea, snow-white beaches, coral isles, tropical forests, exotic flora and fauna, and a vast variety of tropical fishes and birds. Besides, numerous isles hold the best Asian spa resorts and recovery centres. Here patients can quickly restore their health after surgeries or treatment, and simply have a rest, relax, replenish vital forces and energy.

The Philippines also have balneological resorts where you can hide from the heat and spend several days in solitude. Baguio is the most renowned mountain climatic resort, and also summer residence of the Philippine government. It has excellent weather and temperate warm climate all the year round. The resort has gained wide popularity among overseas tourists owing to its famous Philippine healers.  

The most luxury and famed spa resorts are situated on the isles of Lyzon, Visayas, Mindanao, Palawan, Boracay, Panlao, Cabilao. Local spa saloons are situated in quiet secluded spots, farther away from civilization. Here overseas guests will be offered a special Philippine massage, saunas, wraps, pealing with fresh papaya, massage with cold and hot stones, four-hand massage, and a great number of other pleasant procedures enhancing body purification. Purification of the body is tightly interwoven with the purification of the soul. To achieve this, patients are offered to attend yoga classes, meditations, and breathing gymnastics. Aromatherapy helps relax and get properly attuned. Philippine therapists apply oils with the scent of sandal, rosemary, lemon grass, ylang-ylang, and the composition of essential oils Sounds and music are vitally important, too. Many patients prefer the sounds of nature: roaring thunder, splashing waves, or birds perching.

It is of interest that most procedures in Philippine spa centres start with foot bath followed by an original massage with flagroot (sweet flag calamus) and cold-pressed sesame seed oil. After the massage patients are offered to drink ginger tea and visit a sauna. This stimulates blood circulation, perspiration, and removal of toxins. The procedure is completed by a pealing with aromatic oils.

Nutrition is also afforded special attention in local spa centres. Many Philippine spa saloons have their own restaurants and cafés serving unique dishes and beverages from natural organic products which are fragrant, tasty, and, most importantly, healthful.

3*- from €70;

4*- from €100;

5*- from €120. 

Lechón (whole roasted pig), kaldereta (meat in tomato sauce stew), halo-halo (fruit dessert).

San Agustin Church, Manila Cathedral, American Cemetery, Coconut Palace, Taal Volcano, Hidden Valley.

town of Pagsanjan (canoe rides), Towns of Baths, Cagayan de Oro (canopy islands), whale and dolphin watching (Bohol Island), Binondo (the world’s most oldest Chinatown).

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