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Russian Federation/Российская Федерация

Region: Eastern Europe, Northern Asia

Area: 17,075,400 thous. sq. km

Capital: Moscow

Major cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhniy Novgorod

Climate: variety of climate zones is conditioned by tremendous extension of Russia; steppe climate in the south gradually turns into dry continental in the European part of the country with extreme heat in summer and snowy winter days; Siberia is located in subarctic zones while tundra and polar climates are typical for northern areas of the country

Languages spoken: Russian

Religion: Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Catholics

Local time: GMT +03

Calling code: (+7) 495 (Moscow), (+7) 812 (Saint Petersburg)

Currency: ruble

Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club

Visa: required for EU, US, and Japanese nationals; not required for citizens of some CIS countries and Israel for a stay up to 90 days. For more details please visit

Transport: air transport, rail transport, motor transport, water transport

International airports (cities): Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk

Medical tourism today is largely attractive for private medical centres of Russia. They can offer competitive medical services and attendance which is customary for patients from the economically developed countries.

Most private and some state medical centres in major Russian cities (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg) are facilitated with innovative equipment and apply the latest achievements of medical science and technology. They employ outstanding medical professionals with unique skills and expertise. High quality services in Russia are provided at relatively low prices (by 50 and more percent lower than in the countries of Western Europe). Unfortunately, medical and service personnel of Russian medical centres have poor mastery of foreign languages, but this problem is easily solved by using translator’s services at quite affordable prices.      

Foreign citizens come to Russia above all for receiving highly professional services in the sphere of neurosurgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, cosmetology, urology, and addiction treatment.

Russia has one of the world-largest medical centres specializing in the treatment of peripheral and central nervous system diseases of adults and children. Foreign patients with diseases of vessels in brain and spinal medulla, peripheral and spinal nerve pathologies, diseases in the sphere of neuro-oncology and paediatric neurosurgery arrive here for consultation and treatment. All surgical interventions are performed applying microsurgery, laser and ultrasonic surgery with cutting-edge equipment, such as gamma knife and linear accelerators.

Private clinics and large medical centres conduct successful surgeries of laser correction of vision, short- and farsightedness, astigmatism, cataract treatment, glaucoma, diseases of keratoderma, retinal separation. Surgical interventions are performed with an excimer laser, which guarantees positive result already within several hours after the surgery.

Specialised clinics administer treatment programmes in the field of male and female infertility, erectile dysfunction, sex organ defects. Treatment is performed with surgical and non-surgical interventions applying state-of-the-art technologies which are recognized and widely implemented in Europe and the USA. Reproductive programmes are extremely demanded among foreign patients, including surrogacy, egg and sperm donation. 

Private Russian clinics provide quality treatment of alcohol, drug, game addictions, neurosis, and depression. As a rule, the course of treatment applying unique specially designed methods includes detoxification of the organism, psychotherapeutic and medicament methods, and rehabilitation.

Quality dental services (aesthetic dentistry, surgical dentistry, implantology, endodontic treatment, prevention and checkup) can be excellently combined with recreation at well-known balneological resorts of the country.

Recommended time for treatment: April to June, September to October.


Traditions of sanatorium and resort treatment are long known in Russia. Even Peter I came to the Martsial (Marcial) Waters in Karelia. The springs of this resort rich in Iron are still used for treatment and prevention of anaemia and other cardio-vascular diseases. At present, Russian sanatoria and other therapeutic and recovery centres, apart from having natural riches, are also facilitated with state-of-the-art equipment and widely employ advanced medical and recovery methods. Therefore, citizens from the CIS countries and Europe come here with pleasure.

Recovery resorts of Russia are tentatively subdivided into climatic, balneological, and mud resorts. Each of them specializes on some particular diseases depending on the natural healing factor. It might be climatotherapy, mud therapy, balneotherapy, speleotherapy, or phytotherapy. Each patient is prescribed an individual course of procedures. 

The Caucasian Mineral Waters Region is the largest resort area in Russia. It has various mineral springs. Major resorts in the region are Pyatigorsk , Yessentuki , Zheleznovodsk , and Kislovodsk . Each year they host thousands of patients. In Kislovodsk Carbon Dioxide mineral waters help achieve excellent results in treatment of heart and nerve diseases. Pyatigorsk is a famed mud resort, which receives patients with diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, skin, and gynaecological problems. The treatment and recovery course includes application of Radon and hot waters. Yessentuki and Zheleznovodsk are the destinations to undergo a treatment and recovery session for patients with diseases of digestive and urinary tract, and kidneys. Iodine contained in the waters of the Caucasian Mineral Waters stimulates oxidative and reparative processes, enhances the thyroid gland function, and Bromine strengthens the nervous system.

Several recovery resorts are situated also in the Krasnodar Region (Krasnodarsky Kray). Here a positive recovery effect is achieved through using natural healing factors – climate, mineral water and therapeutic mud springs. The most popular health centres are located in Sochi , Matsesta , and Anapa . Thousands of foreign citizens come here for recovery and recreation every year during spring and summer. Solar and air baths, talassotherapy and mud wrappings, swimming in the sea and hydro procedures return strength, improve immunity, and increase vital tonus.

Resort area of Tuapse   is the place for prevention and treatment of diseases of lung and nervous system. Positive result of the treatment and recovery course is achieved applying mineral waters for drinking and procedures. Pristine nature, mountains, caves, rocks and ravines, create a unique world where peace and quiet prevail. After staying in this wonderful place patients get completely cured of stress and fatigue, and return home filled with vigour and vital energy.

The Baltic coast and the Finnish Sea are the locales with high humidity and freshness. Recovery resorts of the region host elderly patients with the diseases of cardio-vascular and nervous system.

3*- from €50;

4*- from €75;

5*- from €110.

Рancakes (with meat, cheese, or fruit filling), schi (meat broth-based soup with vegetables and greenery traditionally garnished with cream), pelmeni (dumplings made of unleavened dough stuffed with chopped meat or fish), okroshka (cold soup containing boiled meat, greenery, vegetables, and eggs with sour milk or beer-like drink made of black bread), Russian salad or Olivie salad (traditional holiday meal with green peas, sausage, carrot, potato, eggs, and onion dressed with mayonnaise).

The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg (one of the world’s biggest art museums with three-million collection occupying over 350 halls), St. Isaac's Cathedral in Saint Petersburg (this Russia’s largest church was started in 1768 by order of Queen Elizabeth II), the Moscow Kremlin  (historical and architectural monument traditionally serving as a symbol of both Moscow and Russia), Lake Baikal (the deepest lake on the planet being also the largest natural fresh water reserve), Mamayev Hill (built in 1967 to commemorate losses of the World War II this memorial complex is the pride of Russia’s monumental art). 

The Bolshoi Theatre (its internationally acclaimed scene has staged over 800 performances including the world premiers of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, and Arensky), Moscow zoo (the oldest and the biggest Russian zoo numbering around 8,000 examples of over 1,000 species), ferry ride along the Moskva River, Complex Protivostoianie (or Opposition Centre is a 65m deep underground Stalin’s bunker of the Cold War era with total area of 7000 sq. m.), Aerolift in the Museum of Cosmonautics (indoor powerful air flow lets the visitors enjoy the bird's eye view of the city), Krugovaya Kinopanorama (huge cinema presentation with a horizontal 360° view featuring documentaries about Moscow), the Russian Vodka Museum (explore a 500-year history of vodka tasting its different types with traditional Russian snacks.

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