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Republic of Singapore/新加坡共和国

Region: Asia

Area: 692.7 sq. km

Capital: Singapore

Major cities: Singapore is a one-city state

Climate: tropical; hot, humid, rainy

Languages spoken: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil

Religion: Buddhism

Local time: GMT +08

Calling code: +65

Currency: Singapore dollar

Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB cards

Visa: not required for EU, US, Israel, and Japan nationals for a stay up to 30 days; required for CIS citizens. For more details please visit

Transport: air transport, rail transport, motor transport, water transport

International airports (cities): Singapore

Medical tourism is old news for Singapore. For over ten years, this is a steadily operating and continually developing health care sector. This small country managed to gain leading positions in medical service to overseas patients not just in the Asian region, but all around the globe. Such results were achieved only owing to various state programmes, which increased the financing of medical services to overseas patients fourfold. Today the destination has a successfully functioning ultramodern health care system equal to those of the USA and Western Europe. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), state health care system of Singapore for years in a row has been in the top ten of world bests. Occupying the sixths position, Singapore has outpaced Austria (9 position), Germany (25 position), and Israel (28 position).

Most medical centres of Singapore, oriented primarily on overseas patients, are private owned. They offer a wide choice of medical services in the field of surgical treatment, dentistry, and alternative medicine among others. The most demanded procedures are  hip and knee joint replacement, heart and eye surgery.

Singapore boasts highly skilled medical personnel. Many of the specialists have undergone training and professional improvement in the USA and Western Europe. Strict and uncompromised selection process applies both for doctors and nurses. Nurse training is afforded special attention: nurses here are competent to prescribe or withhold medications, work with cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, and even provide psychological support.

Local medicine has its own traditions and employs world achievements. The surgeons of Singapore managed to successfully divide Siamese twins after a 90-hour surgery. Particularly outstanding results were achieved in the treatment of oncology, haematology, cardiologic diseases, and reproductive medicine. Transplantology and cosmetic surgery are developing very rapidly.

In many state and private clinics there are special centres for providing organizational support to overseas patients. In these convenient centres a medical tourist can receive detailed information on clinics and the list of services offered. Caring staff members will answer all questions of interest to the patient, arrange an appointment with a needed specialist, and resolve all organizational issues, including translator’s services, transfers, and hotel accommodation. This is the reason why the number of patients arriving from the European countries, the USA, and the neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia is continually increasing. According to the official statistics, each year the number of medical tourists in the country exceeds 95,000 people.

Singapore has also long been known for the excellent level of medical services and unsurpassed personalised care. Individual approach in selecting treatment methods, affordable prices, outstanding working style, patient support and help is provided 24 hours a day. The service in both state and private clinics is not inferior to five star hotels. Staff in medical centres has a good mastery of English, Chinese, French, and German, sometimes even Russian.  Eighteen medical centres in Singapore have been accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) — this is almost one-third of all JCI-accredited medical centres in the Asian region.

Recommended time for treatment: January through April, July through October.


Luxurious spa centres are at times the first encounter of a tourist coming to Singapore. In one of the most beautiful airports of the world two spa saloons opened at the same time, one of these even facilitated with a swimming pool. However, such centres are not a rare curiosity for local residents who cannot imagine their life without Jacuzzi, various douches and massages available 24 hours a day.

Since times immemorial, Asia was famed for its rejuvenation and recovery methods based on applying local organic ingredients. And yet in Singapore spa procedures are especially exquisite. For example, the Singapore Flower Ritual offered here, which is deep body massage applying jasmine and coriander paste, followed by a relaxing aroma bath. Also, you will gladly be offered a rejuvenation procedure: after a peeling roybush scrub the essence of pomegranate and primrose is rubbed into the body, then hibiscus gel is applied, and this is concluded by a moisturizing wheat germ mask.

At the numerous rehabilitation centres and resorts of this country they effectively cure such problems as: chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, excessive weight, varicose veins, and many more. This is facilitated by relaxation procedures: thalassotherapy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, reflexotherapy, and stone therapy among others.

In Singapore’s spa centres everything breathes with the invigorating energy of water: contrast hydro massage, steam herbal pools and vitality pools with the view on the flowering gardens. Emperor’s massage is greatly demanded by overseas tourists. It is performed with a bag filled with specially heated healing herbs. In China being the motherland of this procedure, this type of massage was intended exclusively for the members of the emperor’s family. Even at present, with globalisation and commercialization of many spheres of human activity, the secret of this procedure is revealed to only a few.

Today the spa resorts of Singapore offer short one- or two-hour programmes for busy people, as well as full-day programmes comprised of a whole complex of procedures. The day spa programmes include various cosmetic and therapeutic procedures, such as wraps and aromatherapy.

3*- from €80;

4*- from €120;

5*- from €150.

Satay (marinated juicy grilled meat served with spicy peanut butter), nasi lemak (rice boiled in coconut milk traditionally served with meat and vegetables wrapped in banana leaves with hot dressing), fish and chips.

Chinatown (cultural enclave of Chinese immigrants inhabited in 1821 and located beside the Singapore River), Arab Street or Kampong Glam (flamboyant shopping area full of exclusive ethnic souvenirs and with historical and cultural background due to former residence of the Sultan located in the neighbourhood), Sultan Mosque (designed in the Islamic Saracenic style with Indian elements in 1928), Sentosa Island (once a fishing village, the island was redesigned  in 1968 to offer international tourists a premier island resort).
National Orchid Garden (established in 1859 with 700 species being manually nurtured in natural environment), Singapore Art Museum (houses the largest collection of modern artworks in Southeast Asia), the Asian Civilization Museum (impressive cultural exhibition of Chinese, Indian, southeast Asian, and Islamic nations), Singapore Science Center (renowned science museum with more than 1000 exhibits).

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