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Region: Europe

Area: 603.7 thous. sq. km

Capital: Kyiv

Major cities: Kyiv, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv

Climate: temperately continental, being subtropical only on the southern coast of the Crimea.

Languages spoken: Ukrainian, Russian

Religion: Orthodox, Catholic

Local time: GMT +2

Calling code: +380

Currency: hryvna

Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express

Visa: not required for EU, US, Israel, and Japan nationals for a stay up to 90 days; not required for citizens of CIS. For more details please visit

Transport: water transport, air transport, rail transport, motor transport

International airports (cities): Kyiv, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv

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Photos 1, 6, 11 by Sergey Serdyukov

Foreigners come to Ukraine to get highly specialized medical services in such fields as assisted reproductive technologies (infertility treatment), dentistry, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and laser cosmetology. Spa & Wellness procedures have been growing popularity lately. Medical and W&S services are delivered by private medical establishments, which have state-of-the-art equipment and implement cutting edge technologies. Majority of doctors underwent advanced training in the USA and West European countries. Clinics and Hospitals of Ukraine provide high quality personalized services on rather cost-effective basis. English and Russian languages are used in everyday medical practice.

Reproductive medicine: IVF, ICSI, egg and sperm donation, Surrogacy. Ukrainian legislation allows surrogacy programmes (gestational) for married couples and singles. Same-sex couples surrogacy programmes have not been regulated (no prohibition). Leading reproductive clinics include “NEOMED” (Kyiv) and “ISIDA” (Kyiv). Success rates of IVF attempts exceed 40%. Cost of Surrogacy programmes starts from €20 000. Minimum compensation to a surrogate mother amounts to €11 000.

Dentistry: implantology, dental surgery, prosthetics (metal ceramics, non-metal ceramics), orthodontology (including sublingual braces),  veneers, cosmetic dental bleaching, therapeutic treatment. Cost of prosthetics (metal ceramics) starts from €60 per unit. Minimum price for implantation is €450.

Plastic surgery: endoprosthesis replacement, liposuctioning, abdominoplasty,  rhinoplasty and otoplasty. The price for endoprosthesis replacement starts from  €2500.

Recommended time for treatment: February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November.


Ukraine is frequently referred to as the treasury of healing natural resources. Practically everywhere around the country there are many health resorts and centres offering various programmes. They are based on applying mineral waters, muds, and brine from salty springs, therapeutic silt muds, and mineral wax. Mild climate, unique nature, and clean air assist quick recovery and strengthen the immunity. The most visited Ukrainian resorts are located in the Carpathians, in the Crimea, and on the Black Sea coast.

The unequalled nature of the Carpathians, absolutely clean mountain air, healing springs, developed resort infrastructure, and local flavour annually attract thousands of tourists wishing to combine excellent recreation and recovery at the resorts of Truskavets, Shayan, Polyana, Svalyava, Morschyn, Skhodnitsa, Lumshory and many others.

The most renowned Ukrainian balneological resort is Truskavets. It is located in the most picturesque spot at the Carpathian foothills, and by the level of services is in many ways as good as the popular European resorts. Truskavets is famous for the rich choice of mineral waters, each helpful in treatment of a particular disease. The range of reasons for staying at the resort is quite wide, mainly including chronic diseases of kidney, liver, gall ducts, pancreatic diabetes, and metabolic disorders. Water drinking courses are prescribed in complex with hydro, physio- and mineral wax therapy.

Morschyn is another popular balneological resort lying at the foothills of the Carpathians. Local health resorts specialise in the diseases of stomach, intestines, and liver. During the procedures they apply peat muds, mountain wax, and mineral waters which are by their chemical composition at the same level with the waters of the best European recovery resorts.

Svalyava resort is visited by patients with the diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, nervous and cardio-vascular system, pancreatic diabetes, and metabolic disorders.

Framed by the mountains, there is a multi-field Ukrainian resort Skhodnitsa. The indications for staying here vary greatly. Treatment and recovery process is based upon the procedures applying waters from 38 mineral springs. Recovery programme is conducted strictly by doctor’s prescription.

Mineral waters of Lumshory town have been known since times immemorial. It is one of the most authentic Ukrainian resorts. Methods of traditional recovery procedures have survived till today. For example, patients take sulphurous procedures in hot tubs set on open fire, and also in wooden and cast iron bath tubs.

During spring, summer and autumn, thousands of tourists flood the Crimean Peninsula. Recreation and recovery are simply inseparable here, owing to the unique climate, abundant sunshine, clean sea air, and Black sea waters. A harmonic combination of natural factors of the Crimean peninsula will become the best cure and remedy for improving your immunity. The hottest spots of the Crimea are Yalta, Alushta, Eupatoria, Sudak, Gurzuf, Alupka, and Saki.

Crimean health resorts and centres are famed for splendid treatment results. They apply sea water, healing muds from limans, brine of salty waters, waters of thermal mineral springs for recovery and prevention of various types of diseases (digestive, nervous, respiratory, endocrine system, metabolic disorders, joint and back aches, etc.). Water and mud health centres of the town of Saki are well known outside the Ukrainian borders, because local muds have no equals in the world. Here they successfully treat various types of infertility, skin allergic inflammations, and heal wounds.

After staying in the Crimea for several weeks, you will strengthen the immunity, improve the state of your health, increase vital tonus, get charged with the energy for a year ahead till the next vacation.

Spa and Sanatoriums:

Ukrainian national cuisine has been forming over a period of many centuries and currently boasts one of the richest menus among the Slavic countries. Among the most widely known dishes of Ukrainian cuisine is borsch (a type of soup course, a variety of beetroot soup cooked on meat broth with cabbage, red-beet rot, carrots, onions, tomatoes, greens, and a number of other ingredients).

No less renown was earned by a comparatively “young” Ukrainian dish — “Chicken Kiev” cutlets (chopped chicken fillet wrapped around a piece of cold butter). 

Other popular dishes in Ukraine:

varenyky (a kind of stuffed dumplings; unfermented dough with filling boiled in water) with cottage cheese, potato, stewed cabbage filling, and in summer — with berry filling;

pumpushky (or Ukrainian doughnuts; small buns from yeast-fermented dough served together with borsch, mainly garlic-flavoured);

syrnyky (a dish in the form of small cottage cheese pancakes; flat cakes roasted or baked in the oven, made of cottage cheese mixed with flour and eggs, sometimes adding raisins, carrot, dried apricots, apples, pears, nuts; served with sour cream or jam);

dranyky (potato flat cakes, served hot with sour cream, butter);

zrazy (cutlets or meat rolls stuffed with vegetables, boiled eggs, mushrooms, with pepper and salt; served with the broth they boiled in, cereals, or mashed potatoes; also popular potato zrazy with mushrooms);

kartoplyanyky (small cutlets made of boiled and squashed potatoes, adding flour and raw eggs; with the filling of pork rinds, meat, mushrooms, herring, boiled egg, dried prunes, green onions; kartoplyanyky are rolled in flour and fried, served with milk, fermented baked milk, sour cream);

golubtsy (a type of cabbage rolls or stuffed cabbage; minced meat with boiled rice and/or buckwheat, rolled in a cabbage leaf, then baked in the oven);

kutia (porridge made from whole wheat grains on uzvar, adding honey or sugar, raisins, nuts, poppy seeds);

nalystnyky (pancakes with various stuffing — jam, mushrooms, meat, berries, cottage cheese, raisins, caviar; often served with sour cream);

sychenyky (flatbreads from minced meat, fish, vegetables first rolled in bread crumbs, then fries from both sides till a golden crust is formed);

verhuny (sweet cookies made from tight straw-like dough, containing flour, butter, many eggs, sugar, adding rum, cognac, or vodka; fried on lard);

Among meat dishes the most distinguished are: pechenya (potatoes and baked or roast meat), buzhenyna (pork roasted in big lumps), bytky forced with garlic and lard (small rolls of chopped meat), roast pork stewed with cabbage and lard, sausage (blood sausage or black pudding; homemade baked with meat and lard);

Fish dishes include: crucian carp roasted in sour cream; fish rolls “kruchenyky” or “zavyvantsi”; carp stuffed with mushrooms and buckwheat porridge; carp stewed with onions or in sour cream; pike-perch roasted with mushrooms and craw fish.

National Ukrainian beverages include: uzvar (stewed fruit prepared from several types of dried fruit), beer, kvas (fermented drink from dry rye bread).


Kyievo-Pecherska Lavra (Kyiv), Mariinskyi Palace (Kyiv), Sofievka National Dendrological Park (Cherkaska region, Uman).

Pinchuk Art Center (international modern art center in Kyiv), Pirogovo (open-air museum of Ukrainian folk architecture and daily life in Kyiv), Dante is a water-based restaurant with various cuisine including Mediterranean and vegetarian menu (Kyiv).

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